5 The Smallest Nuclear Bunker In Moscow

The Smallest Nuclear Bunker In Moscow

Posted on August 8, 2012 by kulichik

Let’s visit a small bunker in Moscow that actually possesses the least protection level as compared to other bunkers of the city.

A civil defense poster says that ‘In case of a war nuclear weapon can be applied that can result in the death of many people. The number of victims can be significantly reduced if our people are aware of protection means and rendering self care and mutual aid.

A collective first-aid set for protective shelters.

The boxes have caps, spoons and many other necessary things in them.

The devices help control the level of radiation. They indicate the radiation dosage obtained by a person.

The small room is stuffed with respirators.

The X-ray intensity meter measures the level of gamma-radiation and shows whether different objects and surfaces are affected by radiation.

The radio station will enable people to obtain necessary information on what is happening on the surface.

The number of respirators must exceed the actual number of people inside at least by 10%. It provides highly effective protection from poisoning fumes, radioactive, bacterial and chemically dangerous substances. Its perfect structure allows it to be used by people who are elder than 60 years old and those with pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.


This respirator completely isolates the respiratory organs from the environment.

Protective hood.

Training material.

Posters give detailed information on what must done and in which case.

Water reserves.

The system of ventilation.


The first-aid kit.


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5 responses to “The Smallest Nuclear Bunker In Moscow”

  1. anyam says:

    And of course, the picture of lenin is one of the most important equipment here too.

  2. Jordan says:

    Dutch “potties” with English writing?

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    Wouldn’t do much good. May survive the blast, and the radiation that follows. But not the chaos afterwards.

    And those devices won’t “help control the level of radiation”, only indicate it.

    Clean though, cleanest bunker I’ve seen in a while.

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