17 Try to Catch the Shot Putters

Try to Catch the Shot Putters

Posted on August 7, 2012 by team

These 10 shrewd guys were robbing trains. Their catch was 2168 balls, mass of each – 7 kg 800 g, which could be sold for 20 thousand dollars. They managed to unload them for half an hour. 120 policemen and 40 shooters were trying to catch the guys and they finally did it.


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17 Responses to “Try to Catch the Shot Putters”

  1. vonrofiq says:

    Balls of steel! Literally!

  2. taco says:

    They were stealing metal balls? That is so stupid.

  3. vonrofiq says:

    i think those balls are quite expensive. In indonesia, lots of nails in train track are stolen..

  4. geoff says:

    2168 balls multiplied by 7.8 kg equals about 17 tonnes of steal, and over here that’s worth about $150 per tonne divided between them all.

    They would be better off on social welfare…….

  5. Igor says:

    You need to have Balls of steel to steal Balls of steel! LOL

  6. Osip says:

    Ammunition intended for Baltic Fleet.

  7. LeningradSKY says:

    Where are you guys when Olympic team need you in London!?
    New record: during 35 minutes they stole 2168 metal balls (each weight 7,800 gramms). It is 17,000 kilogramms!

  8. Testiculese says:

    I bet their triceps are sore

  9. tea-bag says:

    Honestly, this is good news! Old fashioned trainrobbery. Id love to see them escape on horses or maybe a trolley on the traintrack :)

  10. Kent_Diego says:

    I have a hard time believing they could get $10/ball.

  11. America Says says:

    After the handcuffs went on they should have made them reload the train car by throwing them back in!

  12. tom says:

    as fair punishment I would drop the balls on their balls.

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