10 Nice To Be Young

Nice To Be Young

Posted on August 7, 2012 by team

“We have our own atmosphere…”


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10 Responses to “Nice To Be Young”

  1. YJ says:

    Alcohol can turn back time.

  2. chemik says:

    1 photo: fakes from the bazar, buahahaha.

  3. Osip says:

    It is understandable why Russian population is diminishing.

  4. Fred Johnson says:

    Those guys against the wall with the dsquared pants are funny. Not one of them with the guts to look different than the other. So sad…. Yep, I gotta look like everybody else.

  5. OCTOMOM says:

    At least they can drink before 21!

  6. tom says:

    Like parents like children.And wtf is the jaguar thing, is it a cheap copy of redbull or something?

  7. wtf says:

    HOLY UNI-BROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gilette says:

    The son of the Caucasus has one big eyebrow.

  9. Maddcowe says:

    Posts like this make feel like kids in the US aren’t so bad after all. Actually, yes they are. I guess it’s a global epidemic.

    And those D-Squared pants are totally hideous. There was a post a while ago with nothing but those pants being modelled by lame gopniks. And gopnikettes.

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