1 How Can Fish Be Cooked?

How Can Fish Be Cooked?

Posted on August 7, 2012 by kulichik

Do you like fishing? And do you prefer catching, cutting or cooking fish? As a rule, these three processes are loved by different people. And you are lucky if there are representatives of all of them among your friends or those whom you planning to break bread with.

So, what we have are some fishes.

Let’s start cleaning it.

We are cutting the upper bone-free muscle.

The same is done with the lower bone-free muscle.

In there are other fishermen dreaming of nice fish crop down the stream, you can throw the fish skeleton into water. Those guys will be very surprised when they catch the skeleton instead of the fish of their dream.

Now give it a bit of salt, flavouring, wrap into foil and cook for at least 10 minutes.


It is said that fish and its roe can be eaten raw in case they are processed in a right way. If you are very hungry and can’t wait for the fish to cook you can try both. Below there is a description of how raw rainbow eggs can be eaten. It will take 10 minutes to cook the wonderful roe.

The roe is covered with a film that must be removed.


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