53 Massacre In Lviv 1941

Massacre In Lviv 1941

Posted on August 6, 2012 by team

On the photos – the first days of German occupation of Lviv, Ukraine. The Germans came to the city in June, 30th, 1941. On the same day the party of Bandera proclaimed creation of the independant Ukrainian state. Though the Germans did not support this idea, the people were happy and celebrated in the streets for 3 days. The Germans together with Bandera’s “Ukrainian people’s police” arranged a so-called action of “self-purification”. In fact it was a Jewish violence and revenge to Bolsheviks from the side of the people who had been humiliated by them and to whom the valiant German army brought freedom…

People were beaten with stones, drubbed, women were made to undress in public, forced to clean sidewalks, march on knees with their hands up, some people were shot in the backyards. The total number of victims – 4-7 thousand people.

Jewish woman beaten with stones

The same woman

Being humiliated

Addressing the butchers

That woman that was with a young lady on the photos above, she was made to undress too.

That woman is being grubbed, no that young lady is nearby anymore.

Forced to undress

Another victim

One more

On the knees with hand up

One of the butchers

Though not only women were made to undress

Made to clean the sidewalk like in Vienna 1938

Taking a Jewish man somewhere

Bandera’s police were catching the Jewish men right in their houses and put them to prisons of NKVD. According to the nazi theory they had to be punished for the execution of convicts in NKVD prisons before the Red Army left the city.

Continue to beat on the way to a prison

Beating an elderly Jewish man

The German guard does not interfere…

The crowd meets those who were brought to prisons

Waiting for execution

Location: Lviv

via foto-history



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53 Responses to “Massacre In Lviv 1941”

  1. Minna says:

    You got the facts confused. From wikipedia, should you wish to check,

    In June–July 1941 it is estimated that between 4,000-7,000 East-European civilians, many of whom were Jews, were murdered in Lviv. Much confusion has arisen because of the mixing two separate, but related atrocities:

    The massacre of an estimated 4,000-8,000 civilian prisoners in the Lviv prisons by the Soviet Security forces (NKVD) immediately prior to the Soviet retreat;
    The ethnic pogroms (primarily anti-semitic) that were instigated and encouraged by the Nazi administration (under the guise of an act of retribution for the former event) that took place immediately after occupation of Lviv by the German forces.
    Main article: Lviv pogroms
    Controversy exists regarding the dates in which these atrocities took place, the numbers affected and the sources of information. The confusion is amplified by the political agenda of parties involved.

    • Rabbi Goldstein says:

      oh no you anti semite the nkvd are the best how dare you

      don’t you remember the 40 billion jews killed?

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    “What an ugly beast is the ape, and how like us.” Marcus Cicero

  3. www says:

    Will suffice to say lies! Hitler was the Jew!
    All generals of Germany were Jews!
    War there have begun the Jewish bankers

  4. stas says:

    It is interesting how Ukraine is looking for identity in all wrong places. Thanks for raising this subject.

  5. jim x says:

    www, suffice to say your facts are entirely wrong. Hitler murdered millions of innocent people for being Jewish. Also Catholics as well as Slavs. And at this, he killed less than Stalin. Hitler’s actions are Hitler’s, and Stalin’s were Stalin’s, and ‘Jew bankers’ had nothing to do with either of these two lunatics’ many insane atrocities.

  6. No Mame says:

    And still there are some people that think things were “better” with the Nazis. Well, nothing was worse. Ever.

  7. Misiek says:

    Lviv belonged to Poland, not Ukraine before the war. It was occupied by Soviets after their invasion on Poland in 17 of september 1939, and was occupied untill Germans came during Barbarossa Operation.

  8. Russiafan says:

    Thank you for not forgetting.

  9. lortea says:

    I like visit this site to watch beautif and interest photos. Unfortunately, mentality site creators and their history view is takem from stalinist time. Almost always, when there is something about II WW, especially involwing Ukraine or Poland matters, I can see this very clearly. So there was awful massacre in 1941 in Lwów/Lviv. Russian NKWD murdered few thousand political prisoners, by shooting, burning alive and few hundreds were wall up alive in their cells, where died from hunger and suffocation. Poles, Ukrainians, Jews were victims. Then, Germans entered and gave permission to action against Jews and few dozens were killed.

    • Hans says:

      @lortea: “Few dozens”? Probably in the strange and far away dimension you live. But not in this one.

    • Ball Breaker says:


      It doesn’t matter how much you spin. No one can be compared with the Nazis in Crimes Against Humanity. Read again: No one.

      • lortea says:

        german nazi=russian communists

        Sipmle and true. Only you have to knew a facts: Siberia, Kolyma, gulags, Katyń, prison massacres in 1941, mass deportations, Holodomor in Ukraine 1931-32, extermination of nobiles, priests and other 1917-1922. This is incomplete list communist crimes.

        • Ball Breaker says:

          “lortea”: Wrong. Nazis industrialized Mass Death and caused a war that killed more than 50 million people. And they would have killed more if they could carry out their plans. No one can top that.

          • lortea says:

            russian communists too. only many peoples doesn’t knew facts about mass extermination in gulags. death by gas or death by starvation and owerwokring, its still death.

            • vorontsevich says:

              Facts, huh? Well here’s a fact. In his nearly thirty years of tyrrany, Stalins Gulags were responsible for the death of around 2 million prisoners. Whereas by comparison, in less than half a decade Hitler was responsible for the death of atleast 3 million Soviet POW deaths, through gross negligence or horrible medical “experiments”.

              And thats not including the 15 million Soviet civilians (as in non-combatants) killed by the Nazis. Not to mention the Jews.

              Hitler was far worse. For all of Stalins cruelty, even he couldn’t overtake Hitler for the top spot on the most-evil list.

              • Rich says:

                sounds like you ate all propaganda from soviet russian school. good boy!

                • McCarthy's Daughter says:

                  Right Rich!! Russian Commies cooked live kids and ate them in borscht for supper!!

                  MY DAD TOLD ME!!!

                • vorontsevich says:

                  Lol. I learned that long after I left school, and long after the USSR had ended. But nice try, anyway.

                  And everything I mentioned are facts. BTW, judging from your comments, which clear indicate your superior intellectual capacity, I’d say you’ve been brainwashed by the western propaganda machine. Oops did I say propaganda, I meant “Public Relations”.

            • Ball Breaker says:

              “lortea”, Facts? Which ones? You don’t even know them. Check your numbers, or you will keep embarrasing yourself.

          • Rich says:

            50 million?60 million?70 million? what’s next???

          • k0nsl says:

            HAHAHA…’Industrialized Mass Death’!
            What Jewish nonsense.

  10. uliqed says:

    It is hard to watch those pictures, especially for one who have been raised in this beautiful city, and know how nice local people are, nowadays.

  11. meatand2veg says:

    a highly organised community that continually pushes it’s own agenda and considers itself the epiphany of “elite”.

  12. Fred Johnson says:

    Such a dark period in human history. And a very long period since it has been going on for so long. Iran would be doing this today if they thought they could get away with it.

    • geoff says:

      What a hateful thing to say, Fred. What do you know about Iran, other than what your politicians tell you.

      The other day you made a big rant about (r)evolutionist, but Wow, he would never say such a stupid thing as that. Did you see his comment, it is about us all, not one particular group.

    • Hans says:

      Iran? It seems that some people in this forum also would be doing the same thing if they could get away with it.

  13. Chac Mool says:

    Probably the most crude pictorial ER has ever posted. But sometimes is necessary to discover or to remind what happened to people like you and me.

  14. story_k says:

    the full version of this serie of photo with original author`s comments in English is here:


  15. Cheng Lok says:

    Nazi killed the jews, then the jews kill the muslim. I don’t see the equation.

  16. Rich says:

    Some of the pics are from france, 1944!
    7,8,9,10 and 13 are not from the ukraine!
    some others are from the warschau uprising!
    typical englishrussia.

  17. Akasha says:

    Last time I was in ukraine a couple of years ago, the first thing I noticed were bandera-monuments.
    Not some old ones, there were being built new monuments.
    I feel no pity for people who see this bastard as national hero.

  18. Alex Bilyy says:

    @Minna, @lortea

    Personally I am from western Ukraine myself, and would like to note to some of our friends that do not know much of USSR and Eastern Europe history that western Ukraine was occupied by Poles until mid 1940’s. During WW II it finally became occupied and turned over to USSR. On some of the pictures above you can actually see men and in Bandera’s uniform, and for sure you can not miss soldiers in Nazi uniform. Also, 14th picture, counting from top, (Woman on her knees with hands up) next to her is a man with a band on his left arm. You can actually see that this band is white. These bands were given out by Nazi’s to those who were willing to help and serve for Nazis. Soviets also had bands, but they were red, and thus would not contrast so much on B&W photo. Only, after Lviv was occupied by Soviets than they started executing those who allied with Nazies and prisoners.

    Yes, it is dark part of our history, in fact WW II is the most darkest days of history not only for former USSR states but I would say for entire norther hemisphere.

  19. Oy vey! Da horrah! Actually, we could use a few days of this in the USSA.

  20. Kaczu says:

    I’t is NOT true that the western Ukraine was occupied by the Poles. There’s no Ukraine as a state. And Lviv was the significant polish city in the polish land. That’s a fact.

  21. Gabe Babe says:

    Who served NAZIs/fascism deserve such punishment.

  22. Alper says:

    How people can be like this I just don´t understand.

  23. Sole Survivor says:

    …and today the “Ptariotic” Ukrainians worship these same genocidal killers. All with the support of the Fredom loving West.

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