10 Hardcore Origami

Hardcore Origami

Posted on August 6, 2012 by team

These models are fully made from … paper!

Heavy assault tank KV-2 with a turret MT-1 fully made from paper, even the track.

Polish small tank TKS

Near the heavy KV-2

Trash bin


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10 Responses to “Hardcore Origami”

  1. The Weight of the World says:

    And it is all made of…paper? That’s one f…. hard origami! I utterly love it. The person behind it is truly talented!

  2. Jan says:

    Też kiedyś takie modele robiłem z “Mały Modelarz”. Pozdrawiam.

  3. luke says:

    too much time and paper on their hands

  4. Foq says:

    that’s a shame.. had this person lived here, in US, this hobby would blow up into a full business.
    fantastic work.

    • regularguy says:

      and then a extremist muslim will kill him with automatic rifles and then 100 million other US gun owners are blamed for it and have there guns taken away from them.

  5. DougW says:

    wow! just wow!

  6. gg133 says:

    Polish small tank TKS//It is a tankette, not actual tank

  7. nicolas from France says:

    look very easy to…I’m jalous in fact
    Awesome job !

  8. Fred Johnson says:

    If this person ever went to prison, they could probably make a fake gun out of paper instead the proverbial carving one out of soap.

  9. Man says:

    Someone has too much time on their hands!

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