10 The Pamir Land Where Tourists Are So Rare

The Pamir Land Where Tourists Are So Rare

Posted on August 3, 2012 by team

Very often those who have been in Tajikistan say that people living there are very hospitable. In fact it’s more a myth than truth. Yes, they are friendly and quite hospitable but not extremely. It may surprise only those who’s never been to the East (Egypt does not count). The hospitality that may truly impress can be seen in Pamir. Especially in places not spoiled by tourism.

The way to the valley of the Bartang river is not easy…

Local guys

Elderly woman in one of kishlaks.

The Muslim holy place in a kishlak Basid. Adherents of different faith are not allowed.

Local landscapes

Here’s how they cross the river.


The biggest kishlak in the valley. In the space between the houses they grow crops.


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10 Responses to “The Pamir Land Where Tourists Are So Rare”

  1. skopeil says:

    very beautiful untouchable land…

  2. Number says:

    A piece of heaven on earth

  3. Daniel says:

    Interesting! The women are not wearing burkas. The country looks like Afghanistan.

  4. guest says:

    Why is there no vegetation whatsoever outside farmed plots?

    At what altitude are those villages located?

  5. bobden says:

    Bartang Valley is just a valley away of afghanistan. Most striking place on earth.
    not much tourists there because the road is impossible by car, even by russian standards.
    Most tourists goes on the other valleys, from Murgab to Dushambe and so on because road is better there and you can continue to kirghiz and china.
    the road in Bartang valley leads to nowhere (except on foot), so it’s preserved.
    Ismaelian religion is a little different from islam, that’s why women are not covered from head to tail among other things.
    villages are up to 3500m, there is a lot of effort put into irrigation a lot of water tracks built from streams to deviate them …
    Almost no rain year-round, water come solely from streams.that’s why only selected patch of lands are irrigated. Water is the key there. and locals know it.
    I will go in Bartang by bike. I will. someday.

    • Shuhrat says:

      There is a car road in all Bartang valley. Only 4wd vehicles can go to Bartang and villages are up to 2500m not 3500

  6. John says:

    Do they speak Farsi? or is it some Azeri language?

  7. Asli says:

    John, they speak Eastern Iranian languages, close to Soghdian, Avestan and Osettian and ofcourse Persian is the state language and lingua franca. Peace.

  8. ka ho says:

    is it possible to visit bartang valley independently without joining local tours? i dont bike. is there any public transport connecting khorog to bartang? thanks!

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