11 Housing In Moscow 1963

Housing In Moscow 1963

Posted on August 3, 2012 by team

A set of pictures devoted to house construction in Moscow of 1963.

Peter Bronnikov – the main developer of large-scale housing construction

City planner at the model of a new district

New and old houses on Prospect Mira

Stages of construction


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11 Responses to “Housing In Moscow 1963”

  1. sst says:

    What kind of dance is that, in the second and third from last photos?

  2. crocco says:

    nice picures, very cleaver people

    • Peterus says:

      Yeah, very clever people…But why can you see on some photos women working on building sites? What is clever on this, that women in russia are working on building site instead of men.

  3. Unknown says:

    Panels panels panels.

  4. Daniel says:

    Yes, that was kind of a Socialist idea: put everyone in identical looking boxes. True equality.

    • volgovod says:

      The idea – to give people more or less adequate housing
      In the mid-1950s, most urban residents lived in terrible conditions of communal apartments (several families in one apartment with shared toilet and kitchen). Under Stalin, greatly increased the urban population. But almost no houses were built. + Country abolished the effects of war – has been destroyed many towns and villages. Millions of people were left homeless.
      Therefore, under Khrushchev, greatly reduced the cost of defense and began to mass housing.

    • Theorist says:

      Homeless are never a problem for free-market fascists. They are simply invisible.

  5. SSSR says:

    That is a small balcony those people are on,but I am sure there is a double glass door because of the cold winter.

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