8 Two Hobbies of One Person

Two Hobbies of One Person

Posted on August 2, 2012 by kulichik

There are some people who don’t care about their age. They always look for new ways of development and find new interests. Our hero Vyacheslav is a fisherman and painter.

The person has a family and many friends whom he has devoted his life to.

He used to teach athletics at school. He is renting a pond now and wakes up at 6 a.m.

His father was a fisherman as well. Vyacheslav loves fishing so much that he even had a shop of his own selling things that are necessary for every fisherman.

He is sure that sitting on a riverside with a fishing tackle is not everything. To understand what real fishing is one must breed the fish. He is actually rending 4 ponds today.

If you want a carp to be so big you need to feed the fish inhabiting the ponds for 12-15 years.

He owned money to make the ponds look good.

He sells the fish and supplies his family and friends with it.

He says he adores his job.

Ponds need to be cleaned and cared about. He says he likes it when other people come fishing to a nice and clean place.

Vyacheslav has been selling fish for 10 years already.

He also loves sports mainly hockey. He organizes sports activity for children as a former teacher.

Painting is another hobby of his.

Look at the pictures in his house.

In spite of all the optimism, his life was far from being easy. These are portraits of his children. One of them, a girl in the center, died when she was small.

Then his wife asked him for a divorce. She left for Germany and took the children with her. His son got in a car accident there with a half of his body paralyzed for good.

But Vyacheslav did not give up. He married again and is happy now. His children come to visit him often.

He organizes exhibitions and sells his pictures. Vyacheslav says he is a happy person because he has a loving family and does what he likes to do.

‘Exhibition of a painter, Smirnov Vyacheslav’. And what does happiness mean to you?


via voxpopuli

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    These picture has soul. Unlike the glamorous picture of Moscow stars.

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    amazing post i even feel like i need to say congrats to him

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