7 The Day of Striped Vests And Watermelons

The Day of Striped Vests And Watermelons

Posted on August 2, 2012 by team

On the 2nd of August Russia celebrated the day of striped airborne forces and watermelons. Check some photos out.


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7 Responses to “The Day of Striped Vests And Watermelons”

  1. LeningradSKY says:

    Every year is the same. You can repost same photos next year.

  2. Testicules says:

    You know. Vertical stripes are much more slimming in appearance. These horizontal strips make some of the participants appear to be obese and out of shape.

  3. Oinky says:

    Nice Chihuahua.

  4. BHC says:

    Why did Russia allow christ-insanity to revive? You need to eradicate it right away before it destroys Russia like it has destroyed the USA!!
    Religion is evil!!!

  5. OLUT says:

    Hey, I think that’s our favorite police-man! The photo above where the guy is on the ground, and there’s a cop on the right, using a cellphone. He looks like the one from the graffiti-Banksy post from long ago.


    Here’s the photo of the real cop:

  6. Liptonius says:

    Yes, but was there vodka?

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