1 How Beautiful a Hydro Power Plant May Be?

How Beautiful a Hydro Power Plant May Be?

Posted on August 2, 2012 by kulichik

Hydro Power Plant (HPP) in Dagestan is the second element in the HPP cascade that will be visited by us today.

What you see is the main HPP building. The dam itself is hidden in the rocks.

The machine hall. This HPP is actually a compensating reservoir of the upper element in the cascade as it levels the daily water flow.

In 1970 they started preparation for the HPP construction. Due to a large landfall in 1977 the construction was stopped. The plans had to be reviewed. In the result the HPP building was shifted for 1,5 km. The station began its functioning by 1986.

It is dark inside the aggregate.

This reservoir can be called a siphon pipe which is larger in size. Its main task is to avoid hydraulic impact. In case the work of the station is suddenly stopped, water won’t destruct the construction but will enter the pipe.

To reach the dam one will have to climb the mountains or go there by swimming.

Another safer way is to use the tunnel which is 600 m long and connects the HPP with the dam.


The dam is 86,5 m high. It is as high as a 28-storey building and is 179 long.

In a crane cabin.

The HPP’s water reservoir is not that large. It is just 47 million km.

Waters of the Sulak river are turquoise-colored. Many mountainous glacier-fed rivers are colored the same due to sustained particles of blue clay in them.

Inside the dam.


Wastewater outlet.

Plenty of pure and icy water.


Did you like the austere beauty?

Location: Sulak

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