1 Deep Roots Of Siberia

Deep Roots Of Siberia

Posted on August 2, 2012 by kulichik

Today we’ll go to a remote city in Siberia, Yugorsk, to meet its ancient people who had lived there much before the Russians came to the place.

Russia is a rich and vast country. Migration of Russian people from the central part of the country behind the Ural mountains started several centuries ago. Many new cities and villages covered the vast space between the Ural mountains till the Far East. Some places were abandoned later, others are still increasing in size, continue their development and even have museums of their own.

At the museum of Yugorsk you will many pictures depicting animals that are widely presented in local forests.

Arctic hare.

Angry and scary wolf.

Red fox.

Otter, swan, and hawks.

Wood grouses can often be found here and are even depicted on the emblem of Yugorsk city.

The Khanty and Mansi are two nationalities that had inhabited the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area for a long time.

Archaeologists are very interested in examining events of those times.

The people survived due to hunting and gathering. In case there was a river nearby, they often went fishing.

They knew how to make hunting weapons and fish tackle.

All of them were pagans. This blanket belonged to the Sky horseman who supported order on the earth.

They lived separately. But soon ‘big people’ came. They were interested in deforestation as Siberia is rish in forests.

They continued cutting trees but local weather was too severe and soon the people decided to build a railway station.

The railroad was constructed by 1967. People engaged in the construction were very enthusiastic and believed in better future.

Then suddenly natural gas field was discovered here. ‘Ministry of Gas Industry, Tyumen manufacturing group on gas transportation and delivery’.

This is how the Siberian land was developed.

The first gas pipe line.

The place was called Komsomolsk before and later renamed into Yugorsk.

Central hall of the museum.

Location: Yugorsk

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  1. OLUT says:

    Great photos. Some of the photos remind me of Finnish Sami (in other countries too, not only Finland).

    Misha! Awesome. He’s a much better Olympic mascot than those two angry, creepy, one-eyed robots of London!

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