9 So Different Moscow

So Different Moscow

Posted on August 1, 2012 by team

Photos of Nikita Orlov taken in Moscow 2011-2012. The author wanted to show how different the city can be. Poor and rich, old and modern, ugly and beautiful. Sometimes you fall in love with it, sometimes you just want to escape…


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  1. superkotenok says:

    And again – to the translators. There is no ‘China city’ in Moscow. ‘Kitay-gorod’ (sounds like ‘china city’) means ‘fortress’ in Old Russian.

    • igor says:

      It’s just a “China Town”, like it is everywhere else in the world. NY has CHina Town, SF does, Seattle and so forth. Not a “City”. You are right.

      • igor says:

        Addition: It was the actual Chana Town of Moscow long time ago, when it was named so. Talking about centuries ago. Nowadays, real China Towns are in other places of Moscow, when this place just still holds it’s historical name and has nothing to do with chinese or any other asian communities.

  2. Sasha says:

    I love this city

  3. Ivan says:

    Actualy the quality of photos is very bad, he is simply a bad photographer

  4. joe says:

    I disagree with you Ivan, I thought most, I said ‘most’ of the pictures were quality. We are just going to agree to disagree each other. Thanks

  5. anonyme says:

    In Paris aussi ya un putain de china town.


    Saloperies de rats crever!


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