8 Got Green Face!

Got Green Face!

Doesn't look like blood,
so what's happened?
4 Video Selection, Part V

Video Selection, Part V

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15 The Speechless Artist

The Speechless Artist

One artist from Saint-Petersburg sewn his mouth up and stood for an hour and a half at the Kazan
Cathedral. Police didn't want to even touch him but someone finally called an ambulance...
0 Destructive Hailstorm In Georgia

Destructive Hailstorm In Georgia

The other day in Georgia storm wind, tropical hailstorm left hundreds of people homelss and thousands with no hope for harvest... Thousands of sown hectares including vineyards were destroyed.
Lots of trees were brought down. Thousands of people have no electricity. Those who have no place to live at are given tents. Luckily nobody died though 25 people were injured.
8 How to Protect a Car Standing At the Demolition Site?

How to Protect a Car Standing At the Demolition Site?

Despite restrictive signs one woman-driver left her car near the demolition site. But it was not the
reason to cancel the working process... So they made an original decision how to protect her car...
23 Russian C-47 Dakota Found In Siberia

Russian C-47 Dakota Found In Siberia

It seems to be a good year for the discovery of old forgotten airframes! There was the P-40 in Egypt earlier in the year, an IL-2 from
a Russian lake last month, and now an intact C-47 'Dakota' has been found in Siberia, in absolutely stunning condition!
5 Projection TV Apparatus of the Soviet Past

Projection TV Apparatus of the Soviet Past

"Moskva" is a projection TV apparatus intended for watching TV programs on a big screen, listening to FM radio stations and
tinned music. Its weight is 70 kg, weight of its screen - 30  kg. Such TV sets were produced in 1957-1963.

7 Round Ships of the Russian Admiral

Round Ships of the Russian Admiral

After Russia's loss in the Crimean war in 1856 Russia was forbidden to have any warships in the Black Sea by Treaty of Paris, leaving one of the most important parts of Russia - its only non-freezing sea ports and the area through which most of Russia's sea trade went, unprotected.  Hence in the late-1860s Russia started to think about abrogating the terms of the treaty in order to protect its coast against rapidly
deteriorating relations with Turkey. It was obvious that in the beginning the strategy for the Russian fleet would be purely defensive against relatively powerful Turkish fleet and so in the 1869 it was decided to build armored warships to protect the coast and the ports. This where the Rear-Admiral Popov comes in, in the 1860s he was the unofficial head of the shipbuilding in Russia.
10 Video Selection, Part IV

Video Selection, Part IV

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1 The World Is Wider Than We Think

The World Is Wider Than We Think

Eduard Kislinsky is an author of many wonderful photos of tree frogs. Their
life and life of little amphibians and reptiles are in this post.

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