9 Knittedmobile


So when your granny comes to visit you and you leave her locked in the garage basement for a week this what may come out as a result. However, a few concerns may arise: 1) is it secure
to use buttons as door locks? 2) does it stink after it rained? 3) maybe some other grannies seeing this kind of car cannot resist the urge to get a piece of it

3 Instagram Kirgizia

Instagram Kirgizia

Some charming instagram
photos of Kirgizia.
9 The Land of Chapels And Ancient Legends

The Land of Chapels And Ancient Legends

Kenozerye is a forest and lake region, the place where in the middle of the XIX century the Russian epos was written - 83 heroic epics, local old men still remember fragments of ancient Russian legends which were told by their grandparents for many centuries. Kenozersky national park is situated in the south-west of the Arkhangelsk region. There are about 300 lakes
in the park. The biggest are Kenozero - 90 km2, Lekshmozero - 54 km2. People have been living near them for a long time. The Slavs brought farming to this land: here appeared cosy villages, fields, "holy" groves existing since pagan times, coniferous forests, ancients crosses at the crossroads... And famous chapels, of course.

6 The Territory of Salvation

The Territory of Salvation

Not far from Noginsk (the Moscow region), at a polygon of the Russian EMERCOM, there was held an exhibition of equipment for the Ministry
of Emergency Situations. As part of this exhibition they arranged extensive training of lifesavers that is shown in this post.
4 To the Olympics By the Kruzenshtern Ship

To the Olympics By the Kruzenshtern Ship

Are you planning to visit the 30th Olympic Games in London? The Kruzenshtern sailing ship took Russian journalists and bloggers,
who had arrived from Moscow to the western coast of France, to Zeebrugge in Belgium as part of their sports journey.
4 Video Selection, Part VII

Video Selection, Part VII

New curious news from
Russian roads in videos.
3 Hard To Breathe In Siberia

Hard To Breathe In Siberia

Big cities of Siberia are suffering from burining fires, the smog is
spreading far and even in America people can now observe fire sunsets...
6 Soft Drink Cans From the 80-90s

Soft Drink Cans From the 80-90s

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi and other similar drinks were rarely imported and sold in the USSR but everybody remembers an unusual taste and
American names. The companies producing the drinks were trying to adapt them for the Soviet market. Let's remember how they looked like.
6 Would You Dare To Eat Blue Eggs?

Would You Dare To Eat Blue Eggs?

How can this be done without
artificial coloring agents? This is
7 Forever Soviet City Being Swallowed By the Nature

Forever Soviet City Being Swallowed By the Nature

If you are attracted to mysterious abandoned places it might be
interesting for you to see these new pictures from Chernobyl and Pripyat.

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