5 Video Selection, Part VIII

Video Selection, Part VIII

Curious incidents from Russia. Once a boy decided to visit his granny in a village... He was seeking for adventures and he found some... A guy from Omsk wanted some attention and
came outside absolutely nude but nobody was interested so he started to destroy cars in the yard... St. Petersburg's roads can bring you a surprise...
0 Kinetic Fishes With Individual Characters

Kinetic Fishes With Individual Characters

Art group ArtMechanicus creates amazing kinetic sculptures.
Its mechanisms make the symbols of some epoch alive.
1 1962 In Moscow

1962 In Moscow

Another set of photographs
taken in Moscow in 1962.
0 The Story of One Banner

The Story of One Banner

The story of one sports
banner from Ukraine.
7 Salute to Naval Forces!

Salute to Naval Forces!

On the last Sunday of July navy day is celebrated in Russia and many cities of the
former Soviet countries. Look how it was in Vladivostok and Sevastopol.
3 Sea Monster Freak House

Sea Monster Freak House

The author of the weird project is Yuri Gaidukov from Yekaterinburg who's popular for his freak architecture. The house resembles
a sea monster or some shell and it is visible from afar. Inside it is as interesting as outside. Just check it out!

7 Drinking For Health

Drinking For Health

It is forbidden to sell Borjomi mineral water in Russia today because, according to the official version, it does not
correspond to the quality standards set in Russia. Let us see what kind of water it is and how it is produced.
6 At the Court And Out of It

At the Court And Out of It

Meet the second most important person in Ukrainian judiciary. She always looks graceful when she is
present at meetings in court and while taking decisions as far as important state affairs are concerned.
2 Day And Night of One City

Day And Night of One City

The photos were taken in Astana, Kazakhstan. Night views
of the city are really beautiful, don't you think so?
15 Private Life of the Royal Family

Private Life of the Royal Family

Nikolay II was an examplary family man. He spent all his spare time with his family.
True love and spiritual consonance distinguished this family from many others.

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