5 What Remained Of The Strong Chemical Production

What Remained Of The Strong Chemical Production

Let's visit one chemical factory not
far from the city called Slantsy.
7 Soldiers In the Fan Zone

Soldiers In the Fan Zone

A bit about EURO-2012. Soldiers from the President's regiment and the centre of ground forces were brought to the fan-zone in Kiev. They were made to put second-hand clothes on, for some of them only women's clothes remained... Their mission was quite serious -
backup dancing during the performance of one Russian singer... They also had to call out the slogan of the sponsors. Unfortunately they were not allowed to see the football match, were ordered to leave the fan-zone right before it started.
11 Mud, Fire And Tanks

Mud, Fire And Tanks

Some photos from the event held in Zhukovsky, the Moscow region, called
"Technologies in machine construction". Mud, fire and many military vehicles...
4 Still Wanna Some Extreme?

Still Wanna Some Extreme?

You've seen a lot of roofers and adrenaline-seekers here, on ER. And we really hope you
haven't tried to do something similar, because it's not always a success, you know.
20 Meeting His Holiness

Meeting His Holiness

The main Russian patriarch Cyril has made a visit to Bryansk. Let's see how
Russian people meet the prime pope of the country. Faith is modest...
17 Spirit of the Soviet Time

Spirit of the Soviet Time

Many of these photos could be seen in various posts of ER. Here they are collected in one huge post to show
the life of the Soviets as it was, the spirit of that time, people's confidence in the future.
3 Black Promotion For the Crematorium

Black Promotion For the Crematorium

We have already written about the interesting crematorium of Novosibirsk (1 and 2) and we would probably
never come back to this topic again if nothing pretty much funny happens in such a gloomy place.
4 Sweet Caramel Fantasies

Sweet Caramel Fantasies

We are in the candy shop SLAD-IS. Here the formless
mass turns into beautiful and tasty sweets.
3 So Different Underground Basements of Moscow

So Different Underground Basements of Moscow

The Neglinka is the river in the centre of Moscow, the left tributary of the Moskva river.
Its length is 7,5 km and nearly along the whole distance it flows inside the pipe.
0 Scarlet Sails For Graduates

Scarlet Sails For Graduates

The traditional show in St. Petersburg - Scarlet Sails is worth seeing. This year
the holiday of graduates was celebrated in the foggy and rainy weather.

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