20 When the Whole Life Just Floats Away

When the Whole Life Just Floats Away

The Krasnodar region is suffering the utterly devastating flood: more than 12 thousand of people suffered, about 150 - died. People keep shooting the terrible situation: corpses of people and pets are lying right in the streets, rescue workers come and just leave them there. During the heavy showers in Kuban they started up autodrains in
Neberdzhaevsky reservoir that lasted for 13 hours but this circumestance is still not officially confirmed as the main reason of the flood. The autodrains were portional, the dam itself is not damaged. Krymsk suffered more than other areas. The authorities affirm that everything is "under control".

38 In the Army 2011

In the Army 2011

The draft season is almost over. Some soldiers leave, some come
back. These are some photos taken in the army last year.

9 So Different Tajikistan

So Different Tajikistan

Pamir has a special position. It's the most high-altitude region not only of Tajikistan but of all the former Soviet Union. Its Gorno-Badakhshanskaya autonomous region occupies almost a half of all the country but its population is only 3% from all the republic's one. Local citizens are officially considered to be Tajiks but in fact they are a group of peoples with their own languages, culture
and even religion. Khorog is bordering Afghanistan. The town is inhabited by representatives of all Pamir peoples. There are some universities here. Locals like to study, it's a part of their religion. Though the local young people prefer English today, they are good at Russian too. Tourists like this place, there are many hotels and guest houses in the area.
12 The Apocalypse of Live Nature

The Apocalypse of Live Nature

Let's visit the notorious
Karabashsky copper complex.
7 Making Prizes For the Best

Making Prizes For the Best

Russians like to compete, either in sport or music or anything else. And the best ones get prizes, of course. These prizes are made somewhere. You may suppose they are made abroad,
but not all of them. There is a place in Russia where different prizes are made. Here we gonna see how they produce a prize of Muz-TV (popular musical TV channel).
20 Moscow of the 1960s

Moscow of the 1960s

Color photos of
old Moscow.
8 Secret Bunker Up For Sale

Secret Bunker Up For Sale

This secret bunker is offered for sale for 523 thousand dollars in Belarus. Since 1992 this object was abandoned but is
still guarded by Belorussian military men. Would you pay that much for the secret object of the Soviet time?
16 Disabled And Abandoned Soviet Tanks

Disabled And Abandoned Soviet Tanks

8 Closer To Stars

Closer To Stars

Let's visit the museum of
cosmonautics in Kaluga.
3 The Academy In Fire

The Academy In Fire

The fire that started in the hangar spread on the next building dated 1934 - Air Force Engineering
Academy named after Zhukovsky. 47 fire departments were trying to extinguish the fire.

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