31 How Much Is Your Watch, Father?

How Much Is Your Watch, Father?

Metropolitan Illarion of Don and Mariupol, who now is the leader of the Don eparchy, has come to the 80th anniversary of the Don region wearing rather an interesting watch. This is an
exclusive model of Franck Muller that has been made since 2008 and till now, at a most conservative estimate the minimal cost of the watch amounts to 150 000 euros...
11 Rescued From Vandals

Rescued From Vandals

Something is always rapidly changing in the museum of Zadorozhny. New and interesting exhibits appear in the museum quite often. But probably the most interesting are the planes of Khodynka brought
here and rescued from vandals. Unfortunately this time they stood mostly semi-disassembled and still much work is to be done. But the team of the museum plans to restore them soon.
1 Paragliding From the Bashkir Mountain

Paragliding From the Bashkir Mountain

Paraglider lovers often come to Aushtau mountain in Bashkiria. It has a nice site for a takeoff. Aushtau stands 645 m
above the sea level. This is a photo report about one ascent to Aushtau and paraglider flights from the mountain.
25 Reform of the Georgian Police

Reform of the Georgian Police

Georgians didn't limit themselves by renaming militia into police only. They have really made considerable changes in the structure of the ministry and achieved evident results. For example, road police reform, this service was so much corrupt that they had to fully
liquidate it.  The country lived without traffic police for three months. It was like a crime family. Drivers of heavy trucks even started to put money in the matchbox and just threw it out of the window when were passing a traffic police checkpoint...
6 From Junk To Masterpieces

From Junk To Masterpieces

This citizen of a Ukrainine city Kanev is a true fan of cars. He has his own business, his daughter is a pilot of the women's rally KRAZ Raid Team, but
the hobby of all his life is cars. Let's look at some cars the Ukrainian master made with his own hands or restored from rusting junk.
8 Season of Metro Swimming

Season of Metro Swimming

What can you do if it is too hot outside? It's not recommended to bathe in local basins and you hardly want to undress when people
see you. These guys could find the way out! But we do not advise you to bathe in the flooded air-shaft anyway.
4 The Walls Keeping Memories

The Walls Keeping Memories

Some photos of gloomy abandoned schools and one
hospital in the mansion of the Gagarins.
16 What Summertime Is For

What Summertime Is For

One photo story of 8 friends who rafted on the Don river. In the daytime they were floating, bathing,
fishing, having fun. At night they were feeding mosquitoes and playing poker. Their route - 80 km.
13 When the Whole Life Just Floats Away, Part II

When the Whole Life Just Floats Away, Part II

Let's see more photos from the Krasnodar region that is still severely
flooded. It's like a branch of hell on Earth! The first post is here.
14 Sixteen Cars Damaged In One Night

Sixteen Cars Damaged In One Night

Some crazy teenagers were entertaining themselves by jumping on the cars at night and trying to escape from police. The
result: 16 cars are damaged, parents of the youngsters will have to pay 500 000 rubles (about 16500 dollars).

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