1 Machine Gun Nest From 1942

Machine Gun Nest From 1942

Posted on July 31, 2012 by team

Now we are going to show you an installation in the Museum of the Sheremetyevs of Sevastopol. It’s a Soviet machine-gun nest that was located in the Mikhalovskaya casemated battery during the final stage of the Sevastopol defence in 1942. The sailors defending the battery could stand for three days only. Though it’s not “only” but “long three days”…

To neutralize the defence of the Mikhailovskaya battery the Germans concetrated the fire of multiple weapons on it.

When the Germans could reach the north side of the city a defended post was made at the Mikhailovskaya battery. The garrison was defending the battery for three days and in June, 24th, 1942 it finally evacuated to the south side.


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