21 Launch Vehicle N1 – The Biggest Launch Fail

Launch Vehicle N1 – The Biggest Launch Fail

Posted on July 31, 2012 by team

This space launch vehicle N1 was a Soviet response to the American Saturn-5. It was intended for cosmonauts landing on the Moon or trans lunar injection of an orbital station and even parts of an extraterrestrial vehicle for assembly on orbit.

In general four launches were made in 1969-1972, and all the four didn’t succeed or simply resulted in a huge explosion. The project was cancelled when it became clear that the USSR lost the moon chase.

Launch vehicle “Energia” designed later was more successful.

Only in 1989 it was announced in media about the existence of this vehicle. About the starvation of 1932-33 they mentioned two years earlier, in 1987, which means that inability to lauch a vehicle with people to the Moon was more shameful than inability to save millions of people from starvation death…

However the Americans knew about the vehicle already in 1969 because American satellites regularly photographed “Baikonur” cosmodrome.

Do you see humans there?


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21 Responses to “Launch Vehicle N1 – The Biggest Launch Fail”

  1. Alex says:

    This is not freaking shame. It’s still a great rocket. Today a lot of Americans doubt the fact of moon landing. The number of odd things is enormous and most of them left without any valid explanation from NASA. After decades of alternating images, perfecting them the final touch was “loosing” the originals!!! http://www.reuters.com/article/2009/07/16/us-nasa-tapes-idUSTRE56F5MK20090716

  2. Matt says:

    To bad the N1 keep exploding. Imagine what the world would be like if the the N1 successfully launched Soviets to the moon even if they weren’t firs?

  3. ThatDeadGuy says:

    So now there are telescope pictures of the stuff we left behind on the moon, the lunar rover, lander lower stages and flags. So care to explain how the hell they got there if we didn’t put them there?

  4. p51d007 says:

    I had to go though almost an hour explaining to a friend of mine, who lived “behind the iron curtain” of the former Soviet Union that the USA did indeed land on the moon. He grew up with the stories that it was all fake. I explained to him how and why you don’t see stars, showed him the photos that show the rover tracks, the LEM descent stage etc. I think I changed his mind.
    For those that don’t believe, once someone lands again, they can go photograph the things already there, just as Apollo astronauts photographed one of the earlier landers from the 60’s.

  5. Drew says:

    Anyone who doubts the US moon landing is full of it. In addition to the evidence mentioned by people before me, the Indians recently sent up their own lunar surveying satellite and confirmed the evidence that the USA did land on the moon. http://phys.org/news171102159.html

  6. Osip says:

    The N1 is surely the ugliest rocket ever made. Better it blew up.

  7. Fred Johnson says:

    Did you ever notice, that almost every single person that believes we didn’t land on the moon, also believes that the pyramids were built by aliens?

    That’s perfectly plausible in their mind. But us building a rocket and landing on the moon, why, that’s impossible!

    There’s a woman that lives across the street from me. She is bat guano crazy. She says (among other things) that we didn’t land on the moon. But, we ARE living there now. And Mars too. But, the moon isn’t a “moon”. Nope, it’s a space station brought here by aliens. I asked her why people were living on the OUTside of it and not INside, and couldn’t get a good answer. But then, nothing from her is a good answer for anything.

    • Chac Mool says:

      @Fred: Yes, it is strange why people want to believe the dumbest things, and at the same time, refuse to believe the obvious. Soviets could prove that US never went to the moon at any moment.

  8. Billy says:

    For one thing, the Soviets had amazing technology and could monitor everything the Americans were doing. The Soviets could even watch the Americans land and move around on the moon. Those who still do not beleive, the Soviets could prove the landing did not take place, it would have been a huge political victory over the Americans. They saw the Americans on the moon.

  9. Rich says:

    Even though it wasn’t sucessful,I still believe it was an amazing engineering project. The Russians have always been extremely good at getting “more” out of “less”…Their engineers are extremely impressive, and very capable.

  10. banditrider says:

    Of course men have been on the moon, don’t you know it’s man made? http://ufo-sightings.co/latest-news/is-the-moon-man-made/596/ (snigger)

  11. sandeep_halder says:

    russia rocks…

  12. Humberto says:

    There is no shame in try… Soviet program allways have less resources and made a great job. To me if Korolev lived more the Soviets would have gone to moon too. Even today Shoyuz is a great piece of engineering (in fact the only way to humans go to space station).
    Theres a lot of another achievements (like the Venera program). I have nothing against US but most of people forget the big contribution that USSR (and later Russia) had made to the space exploration.

    • RB says:

      Its sad to read comments where Russians talk about how much they contributed, because what they dont know is that the world does know.

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