5 The Land For Tough Tourists

The Land For Tough Tourists

Posted on July 30, 2012 by team

The name of this place is no secret just is of no much importance. It can be any settlement in the north or Far East of Russia…

Shabby walls, line dry outside, flowers in colorful tires, dirty Toyotas, timatable in an airport saying “it will arrive if the weather is good”, attempts to reach civilization by all-terrain vehicles (if only we could find roads!), cow-parsnip 3 meters high, fishing that feeds 99% of local population, cheap caviar here and now, “Muscovites are the only ones to blame”, “do not try to run away from a bear or you are killed”, “TAWS” system yelling “TERRAIN! PULL UP!” in zero visibility …

By the way, if you believe that Norway is expensive for tourists, welcome to Kamchatka and try to visit its nature reserves, geysers… And Norway will seem to be some Turkey in off-season…


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5 Responses to “The Land For Tough Tourists”

  1. robin yates says:

    are those fish in the river trout? Looks wild and wonderful to me,I like the look of the area

  2. Mihai says:

    They should be grateful to live so isolated from civilization.

  3. Liptonius says:

    Any place that has a working population, has to have some food, fun, and happiness.

    Line drying of clothing brings a special fresh smell that has largely disappeared because it is “not fashionable”, and living in rural surroundings is something that many hope for in their retirement.

    A little more depth would be really nice!

  4. kirk says:

    add cheap broadband internet service and a couple of starbucks, you would need cannons to keep people out.

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