2 Farewell, School!

Farewell, School!

Posted on July 30, 2012 by kulichik

Today we’ll go to a place that does not exist any longer. Just 1 year ago they celebrated a farewell party at the school. Now the building is demolished and they plan to build a kindergarten here. 


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  1. tilos says:

    high. amazing stuff can be find on english russia! thank you! i have one question about one photo… with the kid that is holding vinyl… what is the artist or what is that name/album? thanks!

    • yagur says:

      Serge Lama – is a French singer. He was born in Bordeaux.His most famous song is Je suis malade. In 1971 he represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Un jardin sur la terre, which was placed tenth

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