4 Best Views of the Chechen Capital

Best Views of the Chechen Capital

Posted on July 30, 2012 by team

The wonderful mosque “Heart of Chechnya” and the park around it. Some photos from the roof of the highest building in Grozny as well.

View from the Central (highest) tower of the Grozny-City complex.

Another view


Residence of the republic governor

Typical development of the city

Reflection of the mosque “Heart of Chechnya” in the windows of Grozny City

The mosque was built right in the centre of the Chechen capital.

Its minarets are the highest in Russia.

The park around the mosque


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4 Responses to “Best Views of the Chechen Capital”

  1. sauron says:

    Seems like every other week we see photos of the same places in Grozny. How much of the city has actually been rebuilt?

  2. René says:

    Nothing like the WW2-like pictures from the mid-90s.

  3. Liam of London says:

    This is all paid for using central government cash. Chechnya is a wild place with wild people. These projects are designed to pacify the local population and appeal to the international observers that these savages are being “civilised” – and will not endanger oil pipelines.

    You see the same in Saudi Arabia – a facade of Westernisation of a country and people who have barely progressed from the dark ages.

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