6 Where Is This Meal Served?

Where Is This Meal Served?

Posted on July 29, 2012 by team

How do you think where such a nice meal can be served?

We are not going to keep you in suspense long.

You may have such a tasty meal at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. For this you just should be employed to build a new protective dome over the nuclear plant reactors.

One Japanese reporter had a chance to try the food and he was simply delighted – so tasty it seemed to be.

More than a fourth of a century has passed since the catastrophe of Chernobyl, today builders are working there in protective suits in hot weather and it’s really hard. But luckily they are served such a nice lunch in the best Ukrainian traditions.


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6 Responses to “Where Is This Meal Served?”

  1. YJ says:

    Those workers will be needing it. since radiation and the psychological threat of radiation are very stressful.

  2. -Zlodey- says:

    Well, nothing special for me, I eaten this food in 1980`s and in modern times. Many russian cafeterias, even in some factories have made such food.
    BTW, this is not Ukraine-exclusive food. You may find it in Rostov-on-Don, for example. We like to cook Borsh here too.

  3. jeffrey pigden says:

    Is that the same tradition that gives a condemned convict a good last meal?

  4. Scootah says:

    What happened to the other half of that slice of bread?

  5. Razvan says:

    You have to come in Romania , here the food is delicious.
    We have a lot of things , you name it. Chernobyl ain’t got nothing on os , believe that!

  6. kirk says:

    I think the point of this post was that the tasty food was being served in a spotless canteen in the middle of one of the worst places on earth. not its availability in eastern europe.

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