4 To the Olympics By the Kruzenshtern Ship

To the Olympics By the Kruzenshtern Ship

Posted on July 27, 2012 by kulichik

Are you planning to visit the 30th Olympic Games in London? The Kruzenshtern sailing ship took Russian journalists and bloggers, who had arrived from Moscow to the western coast of France, to Zeebrugge in Belgium as part of their sports journey.

The ship won’t go straight to London because there is a probability of its detention. The detention is associated with the litigation surrounding the so-called Schneerson Library. Russian spokesmen say that they don’t want to risk the ship, which is estimated at 120 million USD, its crew and the cadets, that have nothing to do with the events of the past.

The poster advertises the festival of sailors and the sea in Brest.


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4 Responses to “To the Olympics By the Kruzenshtern Ship”

  1. jeffrey pigden says:

    The town is called Brest but she keeps hers covered!

  2. René says:

    I thought that was famous spy Anna Chapman! :)

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Regarding the Schneerson Library: Money and religion are entwined bedfellows. Bad luck to all involved.

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