12 Quite Unexpectedly In Ukrainian Police Uniform

Quite Unexpectedly In Ukrainian Police Uniform

Posted on July 26, 2012 by team

Ukrainian authorities have presented a creative advertising campaign for the new police uniform. Those who now where it will seem familiar to you…


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12 Responses to “Quite Unexpectedly In Ukrainian Police Uniform”

  1. Daniel says:

    A little more Western in appearance, one might almost say: Scandinavian.

  2. Mihai says:

    They copied the Romanian models, ukraine is lame.

  3. abb says:

    Gold gloves? how tacky and
    ostentatiously former Russian.

  4. iii says:

    wtf is this?

  5. Donkeyballs says:

    Lol idiots. Can’t you see the faces? Mel Gibson etc…

  6. chemia says:

    This is no cause that will not take bribes?

  7. Dogs Breath says:

    Yes the heads are western film stars, thought I saw an old picture of Marlin Brando as well.

  8. Jeebs says:

    DAFUQ just happened?

  9. adi says:

    nothing to compare with red army uniform from 70-91

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