10 The Azov Sea Turned Bloody RED

The Azov Sea Turned Bloody RED

Posted on July 25, 2012 by

Scientists and citizens are buffled as the waters of the Azov Sea turned bloody red close to Berdyansk village.

“It might be a sign of the coming events” say the locals, though the officials try to calm people down claiming that this is perfectly normal even that it doesn’t happen often can be explained by the natural reasons. However it is still unclear what happened, as it might have different causes and the ones as ugly as toxic pollution are not excluded from the list.

Here are some more photos shot by locals:

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10 Responses to “The Azov Sea Turned Bloody RED”

  1. post soviet says:

    hold on to your buts :)))

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    The Red Tide of Socialism is only a few chemicals short of washing upon all the eroded, littered shores of the capitalist Earth.

  3. Mr. Tinkles says:

    IT’S ON ITS PERIOD!!!!!!!!11

  4. burhanuddin says:

    its amazing pict and i really want to go there someday

  5. Number says:


    See it here in my surrounding also,only not red tide
    Here on places it’s green in small streams,everything death,where they cultivate the land with to much artificial nutrients u see this,where they cultivate the akers with manure u see this,but where they don’t that…the shit grows also and the water is clear and full of life.
    It’s not something that came to life in a year time,it’s something that does do decades to build it up,and also decades to break it down.

  6. Tovarich Volk says:

    Red Tide Algae bloom…. Don’t eat the fish or the shellfish for a few weeks to a month or so after it, or risk nasty sickness from it.

  7. alessio says:


  8. ivanna benderova says:

    Yup. Algea. It turns red at the end of its cycle.

  9. ezra says:

    Jesus said,that if you see such amasing signs happening,raise your eyes up and know that your salvation is near.so brothers and sisters those are signs of the end.let us prepare for the second coming of our lord jesus.much and many more are to come

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