25 Some Grill For the Blonde

Some Grill For the Blonde

Posted on July 25, 2012 by team

Why did she do this with herself?


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25 Responses to “Some Grill For the Blonde”

  1. David says:

    Kill it with fire!!!

  2. marcin says:

    she looked so much better in ‘before’ version…

  3. YJ says:

    I guess she just want to look “normal”.

  4. lenny says:

    All that effort to find someone to get laid with?

    • sean says:

      LMFAO. No all that effort to have a large buffet selection of males who will do anything for five minutes of conversation with her. Take attention away from a woman and you kill her. They are social animals.

  5. renniks says:

    She looks like an Irish traveller/gypsy – they are mad for the dark tan look

  6. cro says:

    Whats up nigga? Yo man!

  7. Mihai says:


  8. Gerry says:

    I’m sure if I apply the “Negative” filter in Photoshop, she will look much more pretty.

  9. Matt says:

    the female version of Michael Jackson

  10. René says:

    From Russian beauty to… Oompa Loompa??

  11. sasha fierce says:

    wtf indeed. She was so beatiful, now she’s just going to age a lot quicker. :(

  12. Maddcowe says:

    She’s a husk.

  13. JD says:

    [x] negroplastic

  14. Mark says:

    It’s like she took some pills that made her look like a whore overnight.

  15. nicolas from France says:

    toasted, beautiful girl turn bad

  16. Chac Mool says:

    Vanity… is my favorite sin.

  17. ivanna benderova says:

    She should get a skin cancer checkup every 3 months. . . Disgusting

  18. Fred Johnson says:

    Her skin has such a nice looking, leathery texture to it. I think she’s done.

  19. regulator says:

    Oompah, loompah, dippety doo, I’ve got some skin cancer waiting for you

  20. lbytesxk says:

    Put a fork in her, she’s done.
    I’d still hit it

  21. Chad says:

    Studies show that Tanning is very addictive. Tanning releases endorphins just like opium. And just like opium over time you have to consume more or tan more to get the effects you now crave. It seems like she has an addiction. I hope someone can help her before she does anymore damage to herself.

  22. BatteryGirl says:

    Isn’t it a ganguro?

  23. Jack the Roofer says:

    She’s toast…!!

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