19 Tank Inspired Modding of a Computer Case

Tank Inspired Modding of a Computer Case

Posted on July 24, 2012 by team

Awesome modding of a computer case inspired by tank MK-4.


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19 Responses to “Tank Inspired Modding of a Computer Case”

  1. scud-werfer says:


  2. Takolander says:


  3. chemia says:

    good job !

  4. Jan says:

    Rosjanie to bardzo zdolni i pomysłowi ludzie, zawsze ich za to ceniłem, Szacunek, pozdro.

  5. Fred Johnson says:

    Very good job of building it, lots of work. But I don’t know who looks at a Mark IV tank, and thinks “I want a computer case that looks exactly like that”. Weird. Not knocking the guy, it’s just a strange thought is all.
    I hope his talents are put to a use where he can make some pretty good money.

  6. Emperor Norton says:


  7. Paul says:

    A little more work and it could have moved under it’s own power.
    Very nice – though the side-hole with the fan in it could have gone underneath.

  8. petrohof says:

    i agree, but this guy really needs to get a life

  9. jeffrey pigden says:

    Does it work? as a tank? as a computer? Can I buy one?

  10. Osip says:

    Some of the things he did were done the hard way, such as cutting out the discs by drilling. Inexplicable.

    • Blackout says:

      Drilling out the holes is actually the best way to cut them if you’re going to lathe them, unless you have a laser cutter.

  11. sdfgsdfg says:


  12. alessio says:

    wow, eveb the revets are there everything every detail in full metal. awesome!!

    A suggestion, make also some with only transparent paint
    start a business I thing many are interested to buy

  13. craig says:

    A work of art a masterpiece well done!!!!

  14. lbytesxk says:

    what’s with the MSN logo? otherwise it’s neat

  15. Lynx318 says:

    All it needs is Indiana jones doll hanging from the left cannon.

  16. FOSS says:

    Nice Job! Great! … except that f****** MSN Logo.

    Tux rulez

  17. Yaroslav says:

    Cutting out the disks by drilling is normal in our country :)

  18. SHAH says:

    Whats the cost?If I want to order one what will be the price? Excluding the CPU System price.

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