1 How Diamonds Are Mined In Russia

How Diamonds Are Mined In Russia

Posted on July 24, 2012 by team

“Severalmaz” (“North Diamond”) is located in the Archangelsk region. Its operator, “Alrosa”, is the largest diamond mining company in Russia.

Way to the richest Lomonosov deposit

Diamonds were found in the Archangelsk region in 1980, the Lomonosov deposit turned out to be the largest in Europe. For 2012 its resources are 220 million carats (1 carat-0,2g), their cost is 12 billion dollars.

The depth of the open pit is 100 m but in order to get out of it one has to overcome some kilometres along the narrow serpentine road. It demands a lot of fuel so malefactors often make attempts to get hold of the diesel fuel.

Excavators and trucks daily take thousands of tons of ore out from the pit. One million of tons has approximately 100 kg of diamonds.

This seemingly plain complex turns soil into diamonds.

There should not be traffic jams on the serpentine road, the operator monitors the situation ans gives orders to drivers.

The ore comes to this shop where powerful machines crush it, the rock is crushed but diamonds remain untouched. Then it must be screened.

Last year 557 million carats were extracted at the Lomonosov deposit The biggest diamond weighed 50,1 carats. The first diamond was extracted in 2009, it was given a name “425 years of Archangesk”.


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  1. Fred Johnson says:

    Diamonds are just common stones. Other than being very hard, nothing special at all about them. Don’t waste your money buying them, thinking they’re valuable. One day, the bottom will drop out of the market, and you’ll be left with rocks worth a couple bucks, that you paid hundreds or thousands for.
    If you want to show a woman you love her (and must buy some sort of rock), then get a Sapphire or something.

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