6 Guerrilla Collecting

Guerrilla Collecting

Posted on July 24, 2012 by

After the bloody robbery, five dead, some wounded, the bankers of the Private Bank went creative above the expectactions of the bank robbers and now warn them with the colorful stickers put on the cash collecting vans showing what’s really going on inside and leaving no chance to think that they could rob such a tough team inside.

via leprosorium.ru


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6 Responses to “Guerrilla Collecting”

  1. Iggy says:

    Funny thing, van is not armoured at all.

  2. Kent_Diego says:

    I cannot see that stopping a determined robber. If anything it advertizes as good target to rob.

  3. YJ says:

    Seems like the bank is already robbed by those guys.

  4. cro says:

    Armored van? Chemichal protection od money? Never heard.. Anyvay, security companies are often owned by ex/criminal/halfcriminalas/cops maybe they sometimes robb themselves ;)

  5. iii says:

    That thing doesn’t look armored at all…

  6. Mark Underwood says:

    For your information the first photo is taken outside a shopping centre in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

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