10 Video Selection, Part IV

Video Selection, Part IV

Posted on July 22, 2012 by team

New videos from Russian roads…


Strange way to cross the road. Start watching from 0:30.


Always keep the distance!


Did you fasten the cargo well?


What will happen to this guy if his car is finally stolen??


One in a million luck!


Speeding the babushka up!

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10 Responses to “Video Selection, Part IV”

  1. skopeil says:

    vodka lady style crossing the road….what a shame to see drunken women…hahaha
    I like the last video….

  2. Maddak says:

    > Speeding the babushka up!

    At least there is still some humanity to be found.

  3. Edwin says:

    only in russia….they treat a old car like gold…

  4. cockatrice says:

    OCD Dude: Car for sale, only 40,000 miles, door handles however are worn out.

  5. kllaus says:

    redbull gives you wings.vodka give to you 4×4 :)).

  6. Ross says:

    What a lovely video is that last one. It’s all about community and looking after each other. I was so disappointed last week when no one helped the lady who fell out of the minibus, but this Good Samaritan shows that there are still good people everywhere.

  7. el_zorab says:

    What can you expect from sub-humans? Heil Hitler!

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