9 Air Base 378

Air Base 378

Posted on July 22, 2012 by team

Air base 378 is a comparatively new formation created half a year ago by uniting two military units.

Prayer before a flight


Today there are three squadrons in the regiment: on combat helicopters Mi-24, on transport-combat Mi-8 and on special (electronic warfare) Mi-8.  The last ones were forbidden to be shot as well as the command centre.

Soon they should get Mi-28N

Transport combat helicopters are represented by Mi-8MT. They are all rather old, dated the 80s. “MT” modification must soon be replaced with MTB-5.

Half doors are assembled back

They plan to widen the parking place.

Mi-8MT inside

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9 Responses to “Air Base 378”

  1. Takolander says:

    The Mi-24 will always be my favourite, it’s just so brutal looking. And just think about it, not only is it a heavy gunship, it can carry troops too :)

  2. Darkness 99 says:

    And the Mi-24P probably has the most powerful autocannon ever fitted to the helicopter

    • Takolander says:

      Mi-24P must be a mean machine :)
      BTW:Is there ANY good chopper sim with the mi-24? I’ve never seen any, but it would be a blast to play in Afghanistan during the 80s. Just think about all the deep valleys, all that terrain, just think about what graphics can be produced with todays computers…

      • Darkness 99 says:

        Probably the Operation Flashpoint – Resistance with mods was the best with Mi-24, unfortunately in ARMA series they completely ruined the controls model for all the helis. And no new games come to my mind

  3. Osip says:

    I know I would become ill if I had to look at the horrible color of the instrumentation panels for much time.

  4. ouje says:

    Ok… Guys.. Again.. So what’s up with the the green paint in Russian planes’ cockpits?

    • Takolander says:

      Actually, that kind of blue-green colour is supposedly good for calming the mind. I believe it was decided to paint all soviet cockpits on that basis.

      • Takolander says:

        Ahem, I believe we call the colour “ryssblå” in finland-swedish ;) Yeah, it means what you think it means: russian blue.

  5. Darkness 99 says:

    I’ve heard, that the paint doesn’t interfere with the night vision goggles, or smth like that

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