3 World Biggest Mills Cross

World Biggest Mills Cross

Posted on July 19, 2012 by team

This cross-type radio telescope is located in the oldest science institution of Russia that researches radio astronomy in Puschino. Several telescopes operate today on the territory, the most effective of them is DKR-1000.

DKR-1000 consists of two antennas: East – West and North – South. The construction works started in 1958. On the photo above are partially assembled bearings of the East-West antenna.

Erection tower

The East-West antenna keeps working today, but the North-South antenna was not that lucky, in the 90s it was taken apart and now it does not work.

The antenna consists of 37 masts with 40 m parabolic trusses.

Parabolic truss

DKR-1000 can change an angle with help of the mechanisms you see on the photo. At that all 37 motors that make the gears move turn simultaneously.  Disalignment data is shown in the control station.

It changes its angle very slowly.

Various positions can be seen on old photos of the telescope.

The major task of the telescope is pulsars examination.


The Puschino pulsar was found in December, 1968.


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  1. petrohof says:

    built before computors? maybe that is why they mis-calculated the weight of the counter weights and had to add a lot of weight.

  2. BHC says:

    But can it get HBO ?

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