16 Why Dont You Care About My Wit?

Why Dont You Care About My Wit?

Posted on July 19, 2012 by team

All these girls want to find a wealthy prince and they ask everyone else not to bother them…





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16 responses to “Why Dont You Care About My Wit?”

  1. lomo says:

    I’d do the girl with the mullet

  2. Richard S says:

    High maintenance? No thanks!

  3. Dr. Dot says:

    And there are a couple of double-baggers in there as well. If they can manage to find someone to spend tons of cash on them, then goodie for them. Fact is, I wouldn’t pork them with someone else’s sword.

  4. YJ says:

    The more advance they try to look. The rural they look.

  5. alessio says:

    they all gonna end in a luxury bordello somewhere in the west.
    because the man in the smoking wo are going to take those girls, mostly have bad intentions.

  6. commissar paul says:

    Fish lips, botox and cosmetic surgery. Not pretty!

  7. JP says:

    perfect match for them would be Scrooge McDuck

  8. yuck says:

    NO. Simply disgusting.

  9. René says:

    -100000 points for doing stupid duckfaces.

  10. gh0st says:

    well at least they’ve got their goals sorted out.

  11. Maddcowe says:

    I like the one girl showing us her cavities.

  12. jamie says:

    They all look the same, They will soon understand that no-one gives a f*** about bad make up and fluffy toys when they leave school.

  13. Canarsie says:

    go back to jersey. not a good look

  14. Edwin says:

    terrible the fake orange tan for the russian girls

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