32 Good Job, Tatiana!

Good Job, Tatiana!

Posted on July 18, 2012 by team

This is Tatiana Rybakova. When she was 14 she weighed 105 kg. She had tried a lot of diets that had not worked miracles…

Once looking in a mirror she made a decision to change her life forever. Tanya became a frequent visitor of a gym. She is a person of strong will power and she managed to fully change the way she looks.

Let’s see through her uneasy way from fat to slim.


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32 Responses to “Good Job, Tatiana!”

  1. skopeil says:

    i love this girl…

  2. Takolander says:

    There ARE no diets for getting slim, you MUST exercise. Everyday if need be.
    All respect for Tatiana :)

    • René says:

      80% of a respectable physique is in a healthy diet.

      The remaining 20% are a combo of exercise (weight + cardio), sufficient sleep, commitment, discipline and consistency.

    • JS124564 says:

      You are right. I used to weigh 254 lbs. I lost 80 lbs in 6 months. All done by exercising.

  3. cro says:

    Was she on a High diet? That is when you climb on a apple or peer and then someone tides mad dog under taht tree – in month or two you look like her ;)

  4. PKN says:

    Yep, good job :) example for any American girl.

  5. Grum says:

    Wow what a transformation from fat to beautiful, wish more woman would take notice and not let themselves go. maybe some men to the fat bastards !!

  6. JuhaPekkaNurminen says:

    great, unbelieveable :)

  7. Y5K says:

    I quit smoking with difficulty many years ago but I still have nightmare that I restart it. I guess she may suffer from similar situation. The mental pressure to maintain her weight would be as high as when she was to lose weight.

  8. Mihai says:

    She looked more pretty with a bit of fat on her face imo: fromfattoslim001-20.jpg .

  9. Osip says:

    That is same girl?

  10. matt says:

    wow, was not expecting such a great turnout.. very impressive!

  11. dude says:

    uh… well… hello there, Monica!

  12. chubby says:

    I’d chase her, if I could lose 15kg and 40 years. :)

  13. Rein says:

    Great respect for her achievement!!

  14. Fred Johnson says:

    Proof it CAN be done. The problem is, people want to just take a pill, and expect to get lean and trim and have “six-pack abs”. And you just can’t get that from a pill, it takes work. You can’t eat 3000 calories a day, burn 2,000, and expect to lose weight, it’s that simple.

  15. philip says:

    I envy your effort

  16. iain says:

    Gym training will always increase muscle mass and to be honest she looks very waif-ish with no muscles. I think it’s either simple dieting or we’re looking at 2 different people.

    • Chac Mool says:

      Seems it is outdoor cardio, not Gym (walking, runnung…). And a Diet.
      Both things can really do wonders. It seems age also helped this chick.

  17. YJ says:

    The theme should be from fat to anorexic with few rigorous steps. What’s to be surprised, it’s quite normal to weight 231 LBS at that age state side.

  18. Kris says:

    Exellent job Tatiana! Congrats!

  19. T says:

    My wife did something similar – great if you are the guy who gets the lovely person in their 20’s that everyone wrote off as ‘the fat girl’ when they were a teenager. She went from 100+ kilos to 56 kilos and looks gorgeous. Some people just grow that way.

  20. CZenda says:

    Cocaine and meth make wonders.

  21. Edwin says:

    what happ with the extra skin? she get operation? or this is fake? anyway i love the her big head ..most of the russian girls have big head lol lol

    • Akasha says:

      lulz, she wasn’t *that* fat to have excess skin.
      at that weight the skin is still able to form back – except if someone’s really obese (north america has very good examples on their streets)

  22. Calendar says:

    Exellent job Tatiana! Congrats! Great respect for her achievement!!

  23. joe says:

    Saw a lady today with the sign that reads, “Will work for food.” Wow, she looks like she is getting jobs left and right, she was huge!

  24. Roman says:

    Niesamowite zdumiewająca przemiana tylko pogratulować i pozazdrościć silnej woli

  25. Rosalba says:

    Hay algo más que dietas. Hay algo de nacimiento.

    Flaca o gorda, soy espaldona, plana, sin cintura y sin trasero. Pero pos sí, me veo mejor flaca…

  26. Alper says:

    She is the most beautiful beauty I’ve ever seen!

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