3 Work of the Siberian Railway

Work of the Siberian Railway

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Nearly 1500 km of roads belongs to the Omsk part of the Western-Siberian railway. The total number of its workers exceeds 25 thousand. The department serves more than 800 consignors and consignees.

Railway station in Omsk. Its first building is dated 1896.

In 2006 it obtained its modern look.

Waiting room

Booking hall

Suburban railway station


Omsk railway yard

“Vkhodnaya” station is 7 km long, its freight cars turnover exceeds 17 thousand of cars daily.

Cars repair depot. The hangar length is more than 1 km.

Gravity hump

Breaking up the train

It’s not an easy task


Locomotive maintenance depot

Traffic interchange near the station

Railway bridge over the Irtysh in Omsk

Trains started to cross the river in 1896

The bridge is 730 m long.

Construction of the second way was finished in 1935

The old bridge is not used today

In 1994 the new, third, bridge was erected.


The bridge is a part of the Trans-Siberian railway

The everage interval between trains on the bridge is 3-5 minutes.

Another railway yard called “Moskovka”

It is 8 km long.

The station serves 7500 cars daily

Electrical signal box


Locomotive depot “Moskovka”

The suburban trains have the Internet connection.


Model of an electrical train SR-3.

“Karasuk” station in the Novosibirsk region

Railway station

Locomotive depot

Karasuk is a large railway junction

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