2 When The Water Went Away

When The Water Went Away

Posted on July 16, 2012 by team

The water went away from Krymsk and now we can see the aftermath of the huge flood. People try to get rid of the panic and start to restore their life somehow…

Fire-engines are everywhere in the streets, they help to pump water from houses and gardens. Almost all houses in Krymsk are private.

Fire-engines come from other regions too. Their help is difficult to overestimate.


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2 Responses to “When The Water Went Away”

  1. Wiki says:

    We know something about it…
    Best wishes from Poland

  2. A.Oscar says:

    When the water went away: Could see the damage; but united people from all over Russia give a good impression towards the suffering ones, inclusive money their give too? I like to know about good people; to care about one another. About the Fire engines pump the water; also a very good way of cooperation, everybody working for a good cause, and people came from many places of the country. Also the staff like closes sends to them; that was nice too. The Cossacks army closes help too; there was famous for the dance, which not for everyone either. Cossacks also famous to be friendly and the accord from what I read save many people and animals, Russian’s could count on them by being brave people. When we have good people; also opportunists to take what they can and shops was ransacked too. Volunteers from everywhere which shows compassion. I’m not saying was nice to happened; but only in situations of any catastrophe’s we could see what kind of people loves to help, even so with some sacrifices. A.Oscar

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