2 When The Water Went Away

When The Water Went Away

Posted on July 16, 2012 by team

The water went away from Krymsk and now we can see the aftermath of the huge flood. People try to get rid of the panic and start to restore their life somehow…

Fire-engines are everywhere in the streets, they help to pump water from houses and gardens. Almost all houses in Krymsk are private.

Fire-engines come from other regions too. Their help is difficult to overestimate.

All people are working

They put everything in one heap. TV sets, utensils, cupboards – things that can be used in future if dried out. They cook food outside together, drink tea.

It’s slippery in houses, the water level is higher than a meter.

Nearly all Krymsk is covered with such slush. It dries out outside but in houses it’s hard to get rid of…

Luckier were dwellers of multistory houses, they could save themselves by escaping from their flats and going upstairs.

Hundreds of volunteers are working in Krymsk today. They come from all the country. Others help by sending money for the victims of the flood. So many people unite around one grief.

The volunteers help to unload the stuff sent to the victims, sort it out, clear away rubbles, pump water, take furniture into the streets… They just feel they need to be here.

The Cossacks were among the first to come help… They represent real power in the region.

The Cossacks saved many people and animals. They wear uniform but they are not military men. Strong men, who love their land, they couldn’t stand on the sidelines.

Drinking water

Dozens of shops suffered too. Owners can’t leave, looters do not sleep. Some of them left to save their houses and their shops were ransacked.

This was a shop of electric products… At night it was fully looted.

Some say that “Krymsk was wiped off the map” but it’s an exaggeration, of course. It was the lower part of the city that suffered most. In the upper part shops still work, there is electricity. Unfortunately people from lower houses can’t always come to the upper ones for products, they are afraid of looters.

Here, in the centre of the city, there are main points of rescue services, police, volunteer camps.

The camps can be also occupied by those who lost their homes.

Temporary hot-bedding station

In one of the schools

Those who stay here are mostly lonely elderly people without relatives and friends.

The first shock is over, people do not panic and communicate with each other. However psychologists say that it may cause the huge nervous breakdown in several months.. it’s like a delayed-time bomb.

“I love you, my Krymsk!”

Water and clothes are handed out here, in the movie-theater.

Asking for support

EMERCOM headquarters

Voluntary anti-infectious hepatitis vaccination

In the recreation centre people unpack humanitarian supplies. They lament that such things as socks, underwear are not new, though they should be.

Traffic regulation

Water level closer to the upper part of the city.

“We’ve opened!”

The city stadium

Employee of the clothes shop is washing clothes. They will be given out to those who need them.

Tents for rescuers and volunteers

Water from Krasnodar

And fruits

Here people can charge their cellphones.

Pumping water out of the yards.

New electrical sub-station being installed.

Slush is everywhere!

The lower part of the city has not fully dried out.

Elderly people especially need help of volunteers.

Volunteers and rescuers work together

Local guy saves the cat

Location: Krymsk

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  1. Wiki says:

    We know something about it…
    Best wishes from Poland

  2. A.Oscar says:

    When the water went away: Could see the damage; but united people from all over Russia give a good impression towards the suffering ones, inclusive money their give too? I like to know about good people; to care about one another. About the Fire engines pump the water; also a very good way of cooperation, everybody working for a good cause, and people came from many places of the country. Also the staff like closes sends to them; that was nice too. The Cossacks army closes help too; there was famous for the dance, which not for everyone either. Cossacks also famous to be friendly and the accord from what I read save many people and animals, Russian’s could count on them by being brave people. When we have good people; also opportunists to take what they can and shops was ransacked too. Volunteers from everywhere which shows compassion. I’m not saying was nice to happened; but only in situations of any catastrophe’s we could see what kind of people loves to help, even so with some sacrifices. A.Oscar

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