7 Martin Steel Production

Martin Steel Production

Posted on July 14, 2012 by team

Some photos from the Martin producing plant.

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7 Responses to “Martin Steel Production”

  1. Liptonius says:

    Where is this located?

  2. CaptainDerp says:

    They need a Bender for those girders!

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    We get some of our raw steel (at the factory I work in) from Russia. (As well as the Czech Republic and Poland)

  4. Edward Kalamon says:

    Skull cracker balls!! ;)

  5. rostit says:

    Workers Unite!

  6. A.Oscar says:

    Steel production in any factory; could be very hot environment; even in the winter, humans must adapt themselves to keep the job, than everything could be ok. For everything in life any living creature must go into acclimatized mind and body to get used too. A.Oscar

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