31 How Much Is Your Watch, Father?

How Much Is Your Watch, Father?

Posted on July 10, 2012 by team

Metropolitan Illarion of Don and Mariupol, who now is the leader of the Don eparchy, has come to the 80th anniversary of the Don region wearing rather an interesting watch.

This is an exclusive model of Franck Muller that has been made since 2008 and till now, at a most conservative estimate the minimal cost of the watch amounts to 150 000 euros…


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31 Responses to “How Much Is Your Watch, Father?”

  1. I am I says:

    That’s not really funny in the country, where there’s so many poor people praying for some more luck, whereas their ‘spirit leaders’ are enriching on a daily basis. That’s really a shame.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Time to return to 1917. Actually, there is no definition of time; it is a subjective state. Only entropy is real (and objective).

    • (Counter)revolutionist says:

      Actually, this is consequence of 1917.Metropolitan Ilarion was born in USSR, and is former comsomolets, probably even former KGB agent.
      Most of Russian billionaires are former communists. After all(talking about 1917) Lenin was member of bourgeoisie, while Trotsky was son of rich capitalist, born in luxury. He never worked in his life. Felix Dzerzhinsky (founder of CHEKA, later NKVD) was polish aristocrat. Denikin and Kornilov (antibolsheviks) were from peasant families. Most leftists and former leftists are famous for their hypocrisy.

      • (antri)evolutionist says:

        I agree with you mostly. Socialist revolution failed in Russia and will always fail there because Russia only has the means to react to geopolitics. Reacting to trends != leading to a promised land. It failed because no one – especially the elites – believed in it anymore, while they were becoming addicted to goods from the West.

    • guth says:

      1917 almost killed Russia. Communism was never meant for Russia.

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Can’t have one without the other

  3. JD says:

    He might bought it for 20 bucks on the streets.

  4. Satan says:

    He’s actually with me.

  5. Apu Gupta says:

    what a lame watch

  6. Testicules says:

    Maybe it is a knock off… Maybe it is a gift… Who cares. You have a huge wave of censorship coming down from Putins lackeys in the government and you’re worried about some preists’watch.

  7. Lusker 41 says:

    Paid by the Mafia :0)

  8. petrohof says:

    this is one of the cause of revolution

  9. Chico says:

    Religion: big business

  10. Moola the Slave Girl says:

    “It was a gift from the people because they love him so”. This and other lies to conceal personal greed and misuse of donations and funds.

  11. DougW says:

    That or it’s a decent chinese fake

  12. abb says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

  13. Fred Johnson says:

    Fairly typical, been going on since religion was invented. The Greeks and the Romans were famous for getting money from the patrons. They even invented coin operated machines to dispense “holy water”.
    Money and religion has been a HUGE thing since forever.

  14. OldBikr says:

    Does an expensive watch tell “Mo Bettah” time?

    Hell I don’t, and won’t, even wear a watch. I just use the time keeping function in my cell phone.

    As a strict matter of fact I don’t wear any jewelry with the exception of a gold chain my parents gave me many years ago, I don’t even wear a wedding ring. I used to wear a nice piece of turquoise on a silver chain when I was much younger.

    Now nothing at all, unless I am showing respect to my parents…

  15. Lostness says:

    “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted (unspoiled) from the world.” James 1:27

    Sadly, that is something that has become lost on many today who make claim of religious adherence. And those who do have true faith–who truly do believe and follow their faith– find themselves shamed by those who ‘claim to be their leader’.

    Sadly, Illarion, your watch will not tell you the time or day of your judgment.

    p.s. You should have bought an iPod. It not only tells you the time and date, but also has a calendar, day-planner and lunar phase apps, lets you listen to music and watch videos, and you can play Angry Birds on it while you should be praying. You can also download several great free Bible apps (of course, it would mean you don’t have any excuse for not knowing God’s word).

    And even if it was gold plated, it would still cost less!

  16. YJ says:

    The devil under god’s skin give it to him.

  17. skopeil says:

    only a replica watch…

  18. Mitch says:

    Of course it’s real. Religion in Russia is big business. You should see what him and his colleagues drive too.

  19. Bells From The Deep says:

    I feel bad for the priest. This watch reveals such poor taste :( Vostok Megapolis would be much better :)

  20. SSSR says:

    I love my MP3 watch,it was only $110 but it has a voice recorder so I can record people and play their voices backwards and learn what they are thinking about!

  21. MikefromCanada says:

    I myself am more of a spiritual person. A person’s relationship with God doesn’t need a middle-man. If you believe in that sort of thing. I don’t give arseholes like this a second thought.

  22. Tovarich Volk says:

    Je$u$ $pend$!Russia in the 19th century was essentially still a medieval country with Royalty, and serfs, all ultimatley governed by The Church. Communism more or less tried to abolish this, but Marxism/Leninism/Stalinism essentially became the New Church. Now, after the end of two errors, a New Error begins. :(

  23. FuglyAmerikan says:

    Same con, different century.
    ‘The Tribe’ trots these little scams out when they need to thin out the Christians by riling up the urban nihilists. Same allegations leveled against Marie Antoinette. Fire up the crowds real good. “It’s those damn Chrsitians!” Then the “Revolution” can swing into gear, Christians die by the millions (what was it – 65 million last time?), and The Third Temple gets a little closer.

    Hooray for Hollywood!

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