18 In the Huge Abandoned Bunker

In the Huge Abandoned Bunker

Posted on July 9, 2012 by team

This is one of the alernate command posts of the Warsaw Pact contries located on the territory of Moldavia. There are similar constructions in Belorus, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan.

Object 1180 represents two cylindrical blocks each 36 m in diameter and 60 m deep divided into 10-12 levels. There is an additional level used as a fridge centre.

The bunker was not finished and finally was abandoned, but the structure is so colossal that is truly worth visiting.

It’s hard to imagine how deep everything is buried here.

Both blocks of the bunker are interconnected by a communication postern. Hundreds of pipes and cables stretch through it and support the command post.


18 Responses to “In the Huge Abandoned Bunker”

  1. Mercal says:

    There are many operating bunkers new ones built in the ural mountain complex.
    One would think someone would get tetanus or some other contagion from water or metal workings.
    If you fall in there who would know.


  2. I am I says:

    Perfect scenery for the B-class horror movies ;)

  3. Kent of Sweden says:

    Someone should give the chick a tip about footwear for use in such places..

  4. Number says:

    Also made for nothing i c.
    What do u guys think all that material costs now-a-days!!??
    Not to mention all the labour force used for it!!

  5. Takolander says:

    I’m just waiting for “S.T.A.L.K.E.R” the TV-series (yes, I’m a dreamer). This kinda place would be enough for one or two full episodes :)

  6. ikumi says:

    yeeah,Spectacular Pictures!!!
    I really like this location!
    where is this ?

  7. Yorkshire says:

    Ouch :)
    Nice to see people hurting themselves in the pursuit of fun and exploration. It’s how life should be.

  8. aga says:

    Hi, does anyone know where exactly is this place? I am going to be in Moldova next week and wants to visit this place.

  9. petrohof says:

    so each bunker would account for 61,000 cubic meters of material removed. where did it go?

  10. meatandtwoveg says:

    I saw this in “The Hills have eyes”

  11. theockles says:

    Someone knows what kind of disease can you get from that yellow water?

  12. jeremy says:

    You are young talented people it would be so stupid of you if you hurt yourself more seriously – please be more careful use a helmet and some proper boots – sorry for the rant but being a father I can’t stand putting life at risk. ;)

  13. Gerry says:

    So “The Cube” really existed…

  14. BLM says:

    What a waste of money and how dangerous to just leave it like that – people could die exploring as I bet cell phones don’t work and it is no doubt in the middle of nowhere!

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