9 So Different Tajikistan

So Different Tajikistan

Posted on July 6, 2012 by team

Pamir has a special position. It’s the most high-altitude region not only of Tajikistan but of all the former Soviet Union. Its Gorno-Badakhshanskaya autonomous region occupies almost a half of all the country but its population is only 3% from all the republic’s one. Local citizens are officially considered to be Tajiks but in fact they are a group of peoples with their own languages, culture and even religion.

Khorog is bordering Afghanistan. The town is inhabited by representatives of all Pamir peoples. There are some universities here. Locals like to study, it’s a part of their religion. Though the local young people prefer English today, they are good at Russian too.

Tourists like this place, there are many hotels and guest houses in the area.

View of the town

Outskirts. Nearby is one of the most high-altitude botanic gardens of the world.


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9 Responses to “So Different Tajikistan”

  1. Liptonius says:

    What handsome (and lovely) people!

    It seems a very hard land that some hardworking people have made a rather nice home…

    I would like to know more, and particularly, more about the foods and cooking!

  2. skopeil says:

    i like the restaurant design.

  3. metafosforico says:

    “Locals like to study, it’s a part of their religion.”

    Now that’s something you don’t see every day. Unless you consider “holy scriptures study” real study. Which is not, since you can’t put this in your CV and get a job. Also, people who are encouraged to study are obviously more developed. Think middle age. Only clergyman had access to education, and the peasants had a miserable life.

    • Imran says:

      If you research about their religion, you’ll see that it is the progressing sect of Islam. They are Ismailis (as denoted by the photo of Aga Khan in one of the photos). If you search through the speeches of the current Aga Khan, you will learn the role of the importance of education in everyday life through his words. This photoset is truly beautiful, Masha’Allah!

  4. Seamus Dooley says:

    Beautiful place, lovely people.

  5. guest3 says:

    The white people are what remains of the Aryans who lived throughout Central Asia until the Mongol-Turks killed most of them off.

  6. A.Oscar says:

    Every place in the world is beautiful own is own way: inclusive cultures so deferent from one to another, which is way the world should be more understood about it. World would be more free; and everybody respect one another, than lots of people would like to travel and see the beauty of the other places and people too. What a group may do; always deferent of the others, for that matter, which what travel is about it. A.Oscar

  7. Anastasis says:

    Did you see the columns in restaurant?

  8. CAT says:

    A piece of heaven, thats what Khorog is!

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