29 Worshipping The Chair

Worshipping The Chair

Posted on July 5, 2012 by team

Can anyone tell why are these people worshipping … the chair? Why are they kissing it? Do not laugh! We are serious!

Some prelate died in this armchair.

People do not want to be photographed…

But some seem to be puzzled… It gives hope.

The man who preserved the chair

That very man who died in the chair named Joannes.

Maybe in future people will worship laptops and watches of the new saint…

Location: Donetsk

via ibigdan

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29 Responses to “Worshipping The Chair”

  1. Mitch says:

    It’s not the same chair.

  2. Adrian says:

    Religion = Manipulation

  3. raf says:

    to me they worship the person that picture, not the hair

  4. Deutschrassig says:

    they say if somebody dies, he s**ts himself.
    this guy died in that chair and now they’re kissing it….. russians….

  5. Steve says:

    Haha! I thought Putins’s fart was captured inside

  6. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Are they smelling it for his farts? Who was he? Worshiping a chair…. wtf?

  7. butterlips says:

    If Jesus exist and saw this he must’ve laughed his divine balls off. Show your faith by being nice and generous to people in need, not by supporting those clowns in pyjamas

  8. qwertz says:

    “Maybe in future people will worship laptops”

    The future is here -> Apple witshippers

  9. XyuH says:

    This is the definition of what ‘crazy’ is.

  10. ZenKa says:

    How dumb can you peaople be!!??,Its the icon on the chair they “worship”, the chair is just used as a pedestal.

  11. Ian, Russ says:

    Chairs, crosses, invisible man in the sky…..what’s the difference?

  12. Bells From The Deep says:

    But still far more advanced than modern celebrity worship, based as it is on materialistic lust and greed. Our modern mass-media-educated cave men actually prefer the degraded form of celebrity and relate to it easier – permanently alienated from their own selves. Really more like dogs sniffing garbage.

  13. Moola the Slave Girl says:

    Many people claim to worship only one god, but really do worship many lesser gods too, only they prefer to call them saints.

  14. post soviet says:

    thats very good question. why?????

    well answer will take as faar away, and these people does not want to dig so deep trust me :)

  15. (r)evolutionist says:

    Forget worshipping the chair; we all need to “Cherish the Cabin.” (obscure “Seinfeld” reference)

  16. Nergol says:

    Well, certainly good to hear from “sensible” Marxist atheists on this matter – you know, the people who stand in line for hours in Red Square, even (especially!) after their weddings, to worship a Communist mummy. Because that’s *way* more sensible.

  17. Adrian says:

    It would hawe been funny if that guy had died on the toilet seat.

  18. openeyed says:

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster sits there now

  19. Timhotep says:

    I thought Putin had been sitting in that chair…

  20. jeffrey pigden says:

    The Sacred LazyBoy !!

  21. Liptonius says:

    Touching that his final moments on Earth are still commemorated by the faithful.

  22. Ty-ty says:

    St John, wonderworker of Shanghai and St Francisco slept in that chair for the past 40 years of his life, as he never slept in normal bed. Blessed be the name of St John, the Wonderwoker

  23. Ty-ty says:

    ER stop posting stupid messages

  24. girl_from_russia says:

    I wrote this comment to my friend who posted this in facebook and I write here: I m 99.9% sure it’s a bul**hit. and it offenses me that some people (i dunno who created this web-site) write some unproven stuff. and actually to me they show they r not culturally educated. if they knew Russia, they could probably think that orthodox church doesn’t get money neither from government nor from people. We don’t pay any church taxes. Church leaves on money that it earns selling candles, icons and other church craft. that’s why it’s more than possible that in some village X there is no stand for icon. And actually that place where they have chair usually has a special stand for the main icon of the church. There might be other reasons for sure (reconstruction of the stand, etc.) but not this C**P! Sorry.

    • girl_from_russia says:

      ok. Now i finally found some stuff. Yep, chair is his. BUT there are some questions asked in the interview by people: “Is it true that people are worshiping the chair? – No, it is just taken as his personal thing but it will never be displayed for worshiping and it was never taken as a worshiping subject in comparison to icon. The subject is gonna be placed in a memory of this person.” translated from Russian. taken from the original article.Basically it will be displayed in a memory as example chairs and other personal things of famous writers, composers, etc. are displayed or is it also stupid? Everyone sees what he or she wants.

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