16 The Day of the Miracle Working Icon

The Day of the Miracle Working Icon

Posted on July 4, 2012 by team

It happens every year in July, 2nd, in Tutaev, the Yaroslavl region.. The miracle working icon was painted in the middle of the 15 century by one famous icon-painter. It is really huge, about 3 meters tall. The full length saviour adorns the icon.

The icon is carried along the city with songs and prayers. People can get through the “healing” hole under the icon on their knees or squatting for a healing prayer. It should be done three times for a healing effect!

Healing hole

Coming out

The cathedral the icon belongs to.

Location: Tutaev

via vse-horosho, sadalskij

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16 Responses to “The Day of the Miracle Working Icon”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Interesting that ER posts this on the same day the presence of the Higgs boson is “semi-confirmed.” Kind of makes the religious/superstitious view moot (to me). A Universe can be created from a vacuum (since vacuums are unstable) and by pure chance (no “plan”) end up with laws, matter, and consciousness. Just one “island” Universe in a vast array of Universes where we are no more important than an atom of hydrogen drifting in interstellar space. The only healing/miracle anarchists and socialists should need is the knowledge that we are “lucky” to be alive in such a (relatively) benign place and that we are conscious to appreciate the beauty of a storm at sunset or a Dostoyevsky story. If people want to believe in the supernatural they can but they are missing the real beauty: a working, mathematical, rational Universe.

    • geoff says:

      Yes rEvolutionist the belief in a supernatural power (god) is a Divisive and Destructive thing. If we want to reach Nirvana or have happiness in our lives there is no outside help (Magic) to be had. We help ourselves. We are an awareness with an ability to appreciate. But I think a lot of people are not aware of what or who they are (or the truth of how insignificant we really are) and neither do they appreciate the gift of real magic that is our life.

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        geoff, I appreciate the fact I have a Buddhist Comrade in another spacetime who I can communicate with (in forever peace).

    • Fred Johnson says:

      Most people “need” a god to believe in. They have to believe that this life keeps going on forever, and that there is something better after you “leave”. That’s why the most religious tend to be the most oppressed.

  2. guest says:

    That’s right, crawl under a large painting of Jesus.
    I bet you can find a direct and uncontroversial reference to just such practice suggested by Jesus himself in the New Testament.

    • -Zlodey- says:

      Thtats why there so many atheists – because we have very good education in USSR.
      Good scientists cant believe in things like this.

      • Fred Johnson says:

        Einestine was a religious man. Lots of scientist believe in God. That is such a stupid statement.
        That’s why it’s called “Faith” you dope.

  3. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    Wouldn’t ya know.. I have claustrophopia! :-(

  4. Mike says:

    If you ever had any doubts about the Christian Eastern Orthodoxy or its Western cousin, Roman Catholism, this nonsense will confirm it. There is a good reason why God did NOT leave us with any physical “picture” of Jesus, or any artifacts from the NT age–because man in his perverted fallen nature would take those things and in effect “worship” them–no different than the worship of Golden calves in the OT. God went way out of His way to make sure we have no, not a single, “physical” item/image, whatever of Jesus, so that this nonsense would not happen. Yet man makes it happen in any which stupid way he can. (its not even pretty artwork–looks awful)

    • d says:

      …or perhaps it’s because the whole christianity (as well as any other religion) is just a compilation of superstition, fairy tales and nonsense?

  5. All glories to... says:

    And who made the “Higgs-particle” smart as*?

    The West has lost their spiritual compass and replace´t it with materialism, egoism and right out satanical values. Thank god sanaty prevails in the east1

  6. CZenda says:

    Worshippers! Whoever cometh with a brushcutter next time and helps with the maintenance of the surrounding area will be blessed. Roofers are also welcome in His kingdom. Thus said the patriarch. P.S.: Do not bring me the terrible samogon, I had a terrible headache from it yesterday. The gates of heaven can only be opened with a single-malt Scotch.

  7. post soviet says:

    I think that science and religion represents the same knowledge about universe. just in religion and esoteric sources was providing knowledge and information for the type of people which lived long ago and could not understand literally, so information had to be suited in shapes and forms for easier understanding. you could not explain to cave man what is quark or atom, why there are seasons? day, night. that,s why this was putted in mythology and curtain names were given like Demetra, and when she is crying there is winter e.t. every mythological or religious character is personification of different variety universal laws and processes.

  8. Macsen says:

    Some people are sooooo gullible!

  9. tatra_tiger says:

    21st century and so many people are so naive and primitive….

  10. Bells From The Deep says:

    The wise man counts nothing as his own. When at some time and place
    some miracle is attributed to some person, he will not establish any causal link between events and
    people, nor will he allow any conclusions to be drawn. All happened as it happened because it had
    to happen everything happens as it does, because the universe is as it is.

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