8 If You Know Physics Laws You May Get Some Profit

If You Know Physics Laws You May Get Some Profit

Posted on July 4, 2012 by team

Yesterday people could try themselves in a new sports amusement in Moscow. Anyone who agreed to pay 100 rubles (about 3 USD) and could hang for 2 minutes on the bar were promised to be given 1000 rubles (about 30 USD)… But people were not warned that the bar could rotate on its axis…


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8 Responses to “If You Know Physics Laws You May Get Some Profit”

  1. Unknown says:

    I don’t get it. Also, thank for scheme in Russian.

  2. Fred Johnson says:

    Just face one hand one way, and one hand the other way. Or, if you know which way it rotates, place your hands accordingly so it doesn’t rotate your hands off the bar.

  3. Steve says:

    How about alternate grip (one hand on one side, the other hand on the other side)? That should balance the torque

  4. geoff says:

    I have seen chin up bars at Crossfit gyms that are mounted in bearings so the bar can rotate. You go from being able to do a dozen chin ups on a normal bar down to doing 1 or two on the rotating bar.

  5. asteroid no.444 says:

    Guess ER (due to censorship reasons?) can’t show the angry musclemen flooring the dudes who cheated them out of their 100 rubles.

  6. Osip says:

    Torque: The force which lifts your feet from the ground when you push your peenie down to take the pee.

  7. guest says:

    welcome to Moskvabad

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