19 The City Under The German Attack

The City Under The German Attack

Posted on July 3, 2012 by team

It was 70 years ago when Sevastopol was defeated. Upon the battle for the city an illustrated album Wir Kampften auf der Krim.1941/1942 was published in Germany in a limited edition. Here you may see the photos from the album.

Fires after the attack

Trenches near Sapun mountain

Fort “Maxim Gorky” after the surrender

In the trenches near Sapun mountain

Fort “Maxim Gorky”


Weapons of the fort “Maxim Gorky”

Old forts of the city with antiaircraft guns

The city under fire

Lighthouse on Khersones cape. The last confrontation point in Sevastopol. The troops were abandoned by commanders and political instructors.

Location: Sevastopol

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19 responses to “The City Under The German Attack”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    why did germany suddenly attack russia ?

    • Grum says:

      Because Hitler ordered it suffering from his fight with madness !!

    • ptc says:

      It was not sudden and russians known about attack, but this way (letting germans attack) was better for Stalin. In few weeks, SSSR planned to attack Germany – it was russian invasion army destroyed by german attack – 3 million men and 2000 aircrafts. Dot forget that half of Europe was already occupied by SSSR (part of Finland, baltic states, part of Romania) and other half by Germany. Except Britain, Spain and Switzerland,

      • chemia says:

        exactly !

      • -Zlodey- says:

        This is lie. USSR was not planned attack anyone in this time – it down have such troops and documents in reality, which confirmed by ex-top-secret archives. Stop post BS posted by our traitor, who never seen that archives and now live in UK.
        Again, lie about “occupation”: USSR taken back its own territories, which taken away from Russia by force in russian civil war time. All these territories are parts of former Russian Empire.
        And this is NOT part of Romania, and never be. Moldavia is part of Russia for centuries.

        • jeffrey pigden says:

          So Communist Russia was taking BACK the lands of other people BECAUSE those used to be ruled by the Tsar? Wasn’t the whole point of the revolution to ELIMINATE the Russian Empire and the Tsarist elite? Wasn’t the point to ELIMINATE old political boundaries? Only an elitist capitalist can talk about ‘taking back territory’. That language implies ownership and the right to impose ones views on others! How can a communist talk about reclaiming territory that was only Russia because of the Tsar’s Empire?

          • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

            Soviet Russia was never really communist. The original communist ideology died out with Lenin. The next 60 years were all Stalinism.

            The Bolsheviks never intended to end the Empire (only in name). They wanted to over throw the royals and inherit the empire.

    • rostit says:

      Putin insulted Angela Merkel by calling her her a gopnik, which made her send the rock band Rammstein to destroy Sevastapol.

    • OldBikr says:

      May I suggest you find a copy of “Mien Kampf”.

      This was A.Hitler’s political manifesto which he dictated to Hess while he was in prison for the “Munich Beer Hall Putsch”.

      I “Mien Kampf” Hitler put forth the idea of Lebensraum (Living Space) for the German people to expand into. Hitler felt it would be a good idea to get this extra space by stealing the land from Russia.

      Of course we all know this was a big mistake on Hitler’s part, Russia was too big for the Germans to handle. You might even say they bit off far more than they could chew.

      Know this the attack on Russia was premeditated, planned and executed at the direct instigation of the mad-man Hitler. There are no indications this invasion was intended to be a pre-emptive strike to prevent the Soviet invasion of Europe.

  2. Erikas says:

    Google is your friend on this 🙂

  3. CZenda says:

    I am quite surprised the album does not show the heavy artillery pieces used during the siege of Sevastopol. IIRC, WH used even Czech Skoda mortars left from WWI there.

  4. Adrian says:

    Some buildings still exist today.

  5. -Zlodey- says:

    Glory to brave Sevestopol defenders! Glory to soviet seamans and marines!
    Nazy payed very high price for taking Sevastopol.

  6. DouglasU says:

    a lot of German boys paid with their lives for the foolish attempt to take over Russia.

    • -Zlodey- says:

      They think they are a “superhumans” too much.
      Also they think, like someone here, russians are bunch of dirty barbarians who going to fight with sticks and will be defeated easilly.
      Nazy are wrong.

      • OldBikr says:

        You bet they found out how wrong they were.

        There is an old saying “Russia is never as strong or as weak as it may look!

        In other words, “Don’t start nothing, and there won’t be nothing”.

    • -Zlodey- says:

      These “boys” killed too many our childrens and womens. I cant feel sorry for such agressors.

  7. (r)evolutionist says:

    Mekhlis’s folly. The only reason J.St. kept him after this catastrophe was that he needed sociopaths like himself to terrorize ordinary people.

  8. mike says:

    Fort “Maxim Gorky” didn’t surrender

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