29 Battle For the Soviet Power

Battle For the Soviet Power

Posted on July 3, 2012 by team

In May 1918, the Czhechoslovak corps were coming back home, their echelons were stretching along all the Trans Siberian line. The corps rose in the armed rebellion and for the shortest time more than 50 thousand soldiers assisted by the local population overthrew the Soviet power behind the Urals. In May, 26, the White Czechs captured Chelyabinsk, in June, 29, a small detachment of the Ural Red Army joined the unequal battle.

Here is how they tried to reconstruct the century-old events…

Fighter of the counter-revolution

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29 Responses to “Battle For the Soviet Power”

  1. Peterus says:

    Czechoslovakian heroes and fighters against the bloody bolsheviks. Their fight and glory was not forgoten.

    • -Zlodey- says:

      That Czhechoslovak corps in reality are bunch of robbers, murderers and rapists.
      Everywhere they passed by, they leaved bloody trail.
      They killed many civillians and stole russian gold, burning few cities by the way.
      All this in time, when russians cant really fight them – this is russian civil war time, when russians killing each other.
      And bunch of bastards like Czhechoslovak corps in that time invaded Russia and try to rob it and tear apart.
      We name them “Intervents”.

      • -Zlodey- says:

        Heroes, my a*s.

      • Schmouddle says:

        Nice try. But reality was exactly opposite. The only time there was law and order on trans-siberian rialway was in times Czech got hold of it. They did not plunder, they hanged plunderers. They did not rape, women loved them, because they brought peace. Unfortunately very short one. Czech did not burn a single city, they actualy helped to rebuild the infrastructure. And while Czechs indeed got hold of the russian state treasury in gold, they handed all the gold they had in their possesion (mind that russian Admiral Kolchak was the one doing the most spending as Czechs only provided protection) the handing papers are available and even the bolsheviks at that times admitted the handing over was correct. Only later soviet propaganda used lies about Czech stealing the gold to cover their own economic incompetency.
        Mind you, my grandfather was there and his records speaks clearly about the nature of bolsheviks.

        • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

          Ironic. My great-grandfather fought in the civil war too. He was in the Bolshevik militia fighting for Voronezh. He’s been long dead, but he did keep a journal. It’s in deplorable condition, and he used the old Cyrillic.

          And oddly enough, his records don’t go in line, with those of your “grandfather”. But hey, he must have been wrong, because he’s a local and therefore could have only have second-hand knowledge about what happened, not like your “grandfather”.

          • Peterus says:

            Vorontevich – your grandfather was bolshevik and ALL bolsheviks are liars!!! All of them. Sorry…

            • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

              Hmm. When you make such a ridiculous claim such as all Bolsheviks are liars, take the time to actually look up some facts and maybe quote them. But I guess you’ve never though of that, would you. Hardly surprising considering your intellectual level.

        • commie says:

          Good to see how ER support neo-nazi lies by new Hitlerjugend, but don’t want to show anti/fascist commentrs. Just show that ER is not Russian site, but western neo-nazi propaganda.

          • CJ says:

            Dear, commie. Just pls try not to be rude to anyone no matter how much you disagree with them. The only thing we do not support is rudeness. Thanks.

            • commie says:

              “Just pls try not to be rude to anyone no matter how much you disagree with them”

              Rude!? I’m not the one that started calling names 1st.

      • peterus says:

        OOO…russian communist came. Welcome. I tell somethning. Only who killed civillins were communist and bolsheviks. Russian people can thank to czechoslovakian coprs and white russian army. And feel shame about communist bastards like Lenin and Stalin and communist regime in their country. Shame and shame, for all reds bastards.

        • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

          Ever heard of the White terror? Probably not, because apparently it’s a figment of fabricated Soviet propaganda.

        • -Zlodey- says:

          1. I`m not a communist at all. Stop lying. 2. Communists and bolshevics are different words for same people, “bolshevicks” are old name for communistic party. 3. They killed mostly figitives, diversants and traitors, they are not idiots and bloody maniacs. 4. Thanks chekhoslovak and white armies? For what? For killing our people? For robbing them? For trying to rip the country apart? I you dont know, whites going to give away parts of Russia in trade of taking control of exsisting parts of Russia. Stop posting here insides of your washed brains. You know NOTHING about history of my country, only stupid TV propahanda.

        • commie says:

          OOO….czech fascist came. Welcome. I would put some comment but ER don’t support anti-fascism. Like they didn’t show comment that you call fascist bastards, but show where you call communist bastards.

      • VAE says:

        Okay, as someone originating from Czechoslovakia myself, you both have a bit of truth.
        Our corps weren’t heroes, but they weren’t just robbers and criminals either. They were the leftover of our troops in Russia, that have either defected or joined in other ways, and were ready to fight against the rotten austro-hungarian empire along with the russian army. Come 1917, and subsequent events, they were left stranded at the transsiberian railway, and well, what would you guess, they turned to help out the White Guards because they considered them the legitimate follow-up of the russian empire they were fighting along with. It wasn’t particularly “correct” decision, but well, if you look at it from their perspective, what do you expect? They weren’t native anyways, didn’t see the backwardness and poverty of czarism and lot of our population liked the russian empire simply because it was slavic, and intent on helping slavs (like Serbia) unlike austrians and hungarians who repressed them. Eventually, after much fights and mess, they were able to return home, and that’s all of it.

        • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

          Well said.

        • -Zlodey- says:

          They must leave ASAP. Russian civil war is not their business.
          If you want to compare russian civil war with american civil war, then try to imagine this situation:
          In time when North and South forces clashed, many other countries invading and attacking North forces, and helping South forces – in price of taking to ourself some parts of American land.
          Imagine White guard as american Confederation, which get help by England, Italy, France, Germany, even China and Japan.
          In russian civil war, Russia has invaded by: Germany, US, England, Japan, China, Poland, Finland, Romania and many other countries. They not starting massive assaults, they supporting White guard troops and occuppied some regions of Russia. They going to make new colonies here.
          Its a miracle that new Soviet Russia survived this war and kicked out all occupants, and then returned back most of occupied territories.

        • OldBikr says:

          A well balanced statement.

  2. 山下智久 says:

    shoot a movie?

  3. sean says:

    If everybody had known just exactly what was going to follow they would have fought harder(gulag, summary executions, famine and gross incompetency from a vicious inner circle of Kavkaz rapists and bank robbers)

    • Gandalf says:

      exactly…to bad that they were just kind of mercenaries. Soviets could have been just some bunch of rebels rotting in jail.

    • -Zlodey- says:

      Poland still dreaming about taking away our lands?
      Everytime you coming here, on East, you get your a*s kicked hard in the end. Dont you learn anything from your history? Do not attack Russia. Do not come here as agressors.
      Poland restored after WW2 thanks to Stalin, who you still hate, he even given some Germany territories to Poland.
      You still want to review history? We may show it to you again.
      But there may be no Poland anymore in the end.

      • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

        Tipichnyi polyak. Reshenie kazhdoiy problemy. Obvinenie Rossiya. Obvinenie Stalin. Vinit immigrantov. Kazhdyiiy krome nikh.

      • Makarone says:

        Heh, my friend, Polish nation is the only which captured the Moscow (even Bonaparte’s or Hitler’s armies didn’t manage to do that).

        And well, Poland was restored after WW2 with help of USSR – BUT Stalin earlier forced Poland NOT to take supplies from Marschall’s Plan.
        With help of the West, Poland would be stronger and richer earlier – poverty discovered in Eastern Block after communism fall is the best proof.
        Stalin gave us some german lands, BUT TOOK OUR eastern lands (Wołyń, Lwów, Grodno).

        Russians, you have to face the fact that the Stalin was bloody dictator as Hitler, whose needs unleashed WW2. He killed millions of people (Ukrainians, Poles, Russians, Germans and many nations of east).
        He deserved to be hated.

        All history is saying: “Russia, don’t poke your nose into affairs of Europe”.
        It never ends as happy end.
        Piłsudski (and the Finnish army too) put Russia in her place.

        • vorontsevich says:

          And that Polish army was repulsed by none other than the fledgling peasant armies of Russia. Lol.

          Poles, you have to face the fact that you were, are and forever will be the lesser nation of the two. You deserve to be laughed at, Makarone.

  4. asteroid no.444 says:

    Czenda, were you there? ;-)

  5. Osip says:

    Some of the soldier equipments is only from later (GPW) era.

  6. Soviet Army says:

    Very nice reproduction uniforms, pictures look like authentic ;)

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