1 The Imperial Sailing Palace

The Imperial Sailing Palace

Posted on July 1, 2012 by team

The only one yacht that participated in the military operations and shipwrecked was the Black Sea wheeled imperial “Livadia”. Its construction began in 1869.

The yacht looked rather unusual: the yacht itself (the higher body) represented the boat cut at the waterline 79,25m long and 33,53m wide placed on the elleptic ponton (lower body) 71,63 m long and 46,63 m wide. In the middle section it was not higher than 5,49m, the bottom was flat, with three keels. It was often called “the bull on the halibut”.

The construction of the lower yacht frame was unique. It provided unprecedented for that time level of subdivision.

“Livadia” in Neapol, May, 1881

Dining room


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  1. OldBikr says:

    As I seem to recall the lower hull was designed in this way to increase the stability of the craft.

    Apparently one/or more of the royal passengers had some trouble with sea sickness.

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