4 Sweet Caramel Fantasies

Sweet Caramel Fantasies

Posted on July 1, 2012 by team

We are in the candy shop SLAD-IS. Here the formless mass turns into beautiful and tasty sweets.

Caramel mass is to be made first. Adjusted temperature and needed density + natural food flavors.

Scary? These are harmless tools of a candy-maker.

Ready caramel mass is poured on a special table with a built-in fridge where the caramel cools down and starts to resemble plasticine.

Sweets color depends a color of food flavors

Adding food flavors

It must be even

The mass is cut at the border of colors

Rolling out the pieces

The further process is quite interesting and laborious: the heavy piece of the caramel mass is hooked, stretched out and rolled trying to achieve the full uniformity and air condition of the mass.

Forming the word in the sweet. It is done on a special heating table, the white mass is used as the background for the word, the red one is for the letters.

Cooling down

Making the round shape of the sweet

It is rolled again and another layer of the “background” is added.

And red layer on the white one…

Stretching out

To get such workpieces

Cooling down under the fan

Manual (!) cutting

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  1. Scrafter says:

    Maybe they should use a hair net…

  2. openeyed says:

    Finally, a clean food production place on English Russia!

  3. asdf says:

    how about hair nets…
    typical soviet s**t mentality

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